Experienced and passionate, Shilpy is a certified Yoga Alliance and Kids yoga Instructor based in Singapore. She started teaching Yoga out of sheer love and a desire to create awareness of self-realization in individuals through Yoga. She is actively involved in conducting yoga sessions for groups, corporates, and the community. An ardent believer of Holistic living Shilpy practices meditation and mindfulness. She came across Rachna Restores in one of the live sessions on Instagram. During that session, there were discussions on Holistic healing, the benefits of Organic food, and many more. From that instance, Shilpy was inclined to explore more about Holistic healing. She then enrolled herself into the Master-class for Autoimmune warriors and Holistic Health Coach. Now a certified Holistic Health Coach at RACHNARESTORES, she specializes in healing Autoimmune conditions, Cancer, PCOD, hormonal issues, and obesity in a holistic way. Among many of her interests, her love for cooking and experimenting with healthy holistic food are to name a few. Happily married and blessed with 2 beautiful girls, she enjoys reading, running, traveling, cooking new cuisines, and spending time with family.  With her yoga experience and mindfulness, she is looking forward to helping people in leading a healthier lifestyle and guiding them on nutritional knowledge, yoga, and breathing techniques. Contact: +6583216267 Mail: Instagram: @wellnessbyshilpy

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