Shikha is a certified Holistic Health coach and blogger sharing easy and nutritious whole-food healthy recipes and wellness tips. Her journey in holistic health began with her own experience of battling and reversing her Rheumatoid Arthritis, which was a genetic predisposition in her family. This made her realize the importance of living a better lifestyle and changing her ways. She then started looking into nutrition and reading up on how to reverse her condition. Also, brought her weight back to balance and transformed her relationship with food. Since then she’s been dedicated in assisting her clients to develop skills and habits that enable them to thrive. Supporting women in their weight loss journey and helping clients with digestive issues or any other lifestyle conditions like Type 2 Diabetes and high Cholesterol are just to name a few. She is passionate about helping people heal and build a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. Her program will educate you about personal nutrition and help improve your overall health, eating habits, lifestyle, mindset & so much more. The goal is to equip you for life. She has also been helping family and friends battling chronic illness and helped them manage or reverse their conditions through a holistic approach. She believes that fitness is not about perfection, it’s about finding the balance that allows you to live a healthy life. Shikha genuinely believe that ‘sickness teaches, and nutrition heals’. Small changes can always bring about great miracles! Feel free to reach out anytime if you have any questions or to book your coaching session that could change your life! You can follow her for easy, simple and nutritious recipes and wellness tips on Instagram on or contact her via email; Phone no +436606512062