Sheeba is a certified holistic health coach from RachnaRestores based in Hyderabad (a pakka Hyderabadi!). She also has been working as a Program Manager in a Tech company for the last 17 years. She was very much inspired by Rachna Chhachii who had given a guest lecture on Holistic healing at her workplace and started to incorporate some of her advice; but when her mum was detected with second cancer (incurable) within 4 years of the first one, she knew the holistic treatment was the way to go. Rachna treated her mom and within 45 days, all her mum’s blood cancer markers were doubled down, this just strengthened her conviction in holistic healing. Every time she visited the cancer hospital with her mum, her heart reached out to every single patient, she was overcome with a sense of wanting to do something for them, she would say a prayer in her heart and leave. She wanted to give back to society, she wanted people to know that all is not lost with an illness like cancer. She heard about the cancer certification program at RachnaRestores, she quickly enrolled, studied under Rachna’s guidance and is now a cancer coach. She is looking forward to helping cancer patients and enhancing their quality of living. Contact Details: