Saudamini Sharma is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores. She was diagnosed with PCOD in her early twenties. PCOD is a hormonal disorder but it never comes alone. Most often it brings with it a whole gamut of associated disorders like obesity, fatty liver, thyroid issues etc. The seen effects of PCOD are weight gain, facial hair, missed periods. But it’s the unseen ones, low energy levels, mood swings, depression, low self esteem that wreaks havoc. Since her diagnosis she had been undergoing the conventional treatment for PCOD. Then she was diagnosed with spondylitis and with it started her issues of pain. Her mother suffered from RA, and at the back of the mind she knew that she was predisposed to RA. But after dealing with hormonal treatment for PCOD for more than a decade, she didn’t want to take conventional treatment. That’s when she came across Rachna’s treatment and started her healing journey. Now as certified holistic health coach Saudamini wants to help as many people as she can and also raise awareness about this alternate holistic treatment available for most of the lifestyle disorders as even now many people are unaware of it. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +917838021728

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