Sangeeta Kukreja, a Nutritionist and a professional baker from New Delhi, believes in a balanced, rightful, and an unabridged approach towards nourishment and daily lifestyle. She also works with Rachana Restores as a holistic health coach. A Masters degree in Food and Nutrition that equipped her with an in-depth knowledge about this subject coupled with her insightful approach towards disease and prevention has led her to cure many. Her job as a health coach encompasses not only helping people recoup from lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, obesity, Thyroid imbalance, High Cholesterol, Fatty liver but also enlightening them with the correct knowledge of nutrition. For her the job doesn’t end here, she makes sure that her clients leave as motivated individuals and have in themselves a strong sense of healthy living cultivated, after having consulted her. Being a woman she understands the importance and value of healthy Skin & hair for they’re the two integumentary organs that have a massive impact on a woman’s psychological health. Her strict disbelief in fad diets makes it difficult for certain clients who are in a rush to lose weight to achieve their goal as for her the benefits of remaining healthy and losing weight at a steady pace outweigh the very few benefits of a rapid transformation. Her Clients not only have the advantage of being prescribed Recuperative diets but also Delicious recipes along with cooking & baking ideas. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 98116 11456

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