Samara Mahindra

samaraSamara Mahindra is a certified Cancer Exercise Specialist, Breast Cancer BOSU Recovery Specialist and has a certificate in plant-based nutrition. She also spent her time in New York working with a non-profit organization called Moving For Life that provides free movement based classes for cancer patients around the country and is an active volunteer at Kidwai Memorial Institute of Oncology.

She has been exposed firsthand to integrative medicine and alternative treatment for cancer patients, in which she discovered that an integrative approach strongly backed by science, is usually hidden behind conventional treatment.

Samara has started Wild Mandarin Cancer Connect (WMCC), founded primarily through her personal journey towards cancer and recognizing the lack of knowledge, misconceptions and inaccessibility that exists within cancer care and alternative therapy.

Her mission is to spread awareness of the importance of natural healing and integrated medicine by making alternative therapy accessible to every cancer patient.

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