Samara Mahindra

Being raised solely by a single parent, I had no realization of the fact that I once had a father, whom I lost, after which we went through a long period of rough patches and pitfalls. All I knew was this domineering, beautiful, gentle but powerful woman who regarded her office as her bedroom, lifeline as her numerous mobile phones and heart as her children.

My mother’s struggle with cancer went on for over 6 years while bits of myself fell apart along with it. When she finally lost the battle, I experienced a deep void that eventually molded itself into serious curiosity. My constant interest in fitness and wellbeing led me into the field of cancer exercise. I was sure of a positive connection, but I needed the proof. I began my long journey in fulfilling my dream of becoming qualified. I worked for a renowned non-profit organization called Moving For Life in New York, which provides movement-based classes to cancer patients and survivors. Interacting with the class participants and seeing the tremendous improvements they made both in their physical and mental abilities, truly convinced me of the benefits an integrated approach.

The long journey that has now led me back to India, because of the unfortunate fact that integrative therapies are not given the precedence they deserve. Through my company the mission is to change that fact and making natural medicine available to all cancer patients around the world.

By: Samara Mahindra