Reverse Age


Reverse Ageing With Rachna™️ is a unique patented programme developed by Rachna Chhachhi. Her work in the area of reversal of lifestyle diseases chronic conditions like autoimmune diseases and cancer is well-known. She uses the healing science of holistic nutrition and combines physical nutrition with emotional nutrition and ancient Ayurveda magic to achieve overall mental and physical well-being in any individual who comes to her.

Ageing is a natural process but this can be made healthier, with less oxidative damage and higher energy to have optimum quality of life. Sign up for this clinically evidenced program to get the best version of you. No matter what your age, accelerated ageing can happen any time after the age of 25.

If you have been feeling any of the below, you know that you are ageing faster than your age:

  1. Poor sleep quality or insomnia
  2. Skin pigmentation
  3. Acne
  4. Constipation
  5. Acidity/bloating
  6. Stubborn weight
  7. Anxiety
  8. Mood swings
  9. Unexplained body aches
  10. Unexplained weight gain
  11. Poor body balance
  12. Hair loss

Reverse Ageing With Rachna™️ is clinically evidenced on thousands of people across the world who have benefited from reduced disease activity, better digestion, the release of toxins, weight loss, higher energy, glowing skin and a youthfulness no matter what their age. It reverses the clock by as much as 10 years.

The below graph explains why we age:

Today, with the precision of clinical nutrition combined with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Rachna combines various aspects of anti-ageing elements to slow down the ageing process. And the result is a fitter, younger, higher energy you! 

If you have been feeling tired even after 8 hours of sleep, it means that the chronic fatigue is setting in and your sleep quality is poor, leading to lack of repairing you at the cellular level. Good sleep restores you to good health. Poor sleep quality is one of the biggest triggers for weight gain, unexplained pains, anxiety, stress and ageing.

So don’t wait any longer, just begin your journey. As an introductory offer, there is a 25% discount if you sign up before February 5, 2022. The details of the programme are below:

  • Monthly fees: Rs.40,000 
  • This includes: one video session per month, chart sent as per the progress of the patient, unlimited email-based support, all focused on clinically reversing the ageing process.
  • Minimum period of signup: 3 months
  • Payment details – click here to pay and reverse your age!