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Doctors, scientists, other healers and participants at our April 2019 conference, Health Over Hospital

There are so many healers out there who are successfully helping patients from reducing their suffering and are yet not recognised for their healing breakthroughs. Restore United is a forum by us at RachnaRestores to help them get the credible platform so that they can get discovered by more and more people across the world, and hence, heal more. This will help people reduce their suffering because they will find you easily and it will help you as a healer because it will increase your reach and practice. Sign up today!

What do we offer?

1. A platform that is going to make you the hero. You are already a hero, but the world needs to know. With our vast social media platforms, your success stories will reach more people and they will find you and contact you more easily.

2. Listing on our website: Our website has 60,000+ views as people are looking for healing options. With you on our website, they can find you easily. We will be creating a special section on the navigation tab for you.

3. A Speaker Opportunity: Exclusively for our members, we will be hosting health events which you can attend and can also get access to participate as a speaker (as per topics and requirements) for your special expertise. We will be conducting 2 such health events every year which you will have the option of being part of. That will be the best platform for you to popularise your expertise and be known as a speaker within your circle of reference.

Rachna Chhachhi with Mr Harsh Mariwala, Chairman, Marico Industries

4. The Awards:  This is the big one. You have been working hard, and your voice is out there. Your work needs to be appreciated and awarded. At RachnaRestores, we are starting our annual Restore Awards every year in April. Hence, all our members will be eligible to apply for an award in the category that suits them, hence giving them an opportunity to showcase their work and get awarded for it. The awards will have jury members from all walks of life, reputed and senior people from the corporate world, national and international celebrities in the healthcare space, people who have struggled and emerged victorious with their health conditions, and well-known media professionals. Together, this jury will pick out the best in a fair and just manner, and award the best person for the healing in the category. And, for the first time, you not only have access to participate in something so credible,  but if you get awarded, it will be purely because of the wonderful work that you have been doing and that is the message that our awards team will be sending out through our social media, newspapers, interviews, so that you can stand tall and proud of the work you have done with the Restore Award in your hand.

With so many benefits, becoming a member of the Restore United is just one click away!

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