Renuka is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores. She currently resides in Pune, Maharashtra (INDIA). She has been successfully helping people to achieve their health goals. She strongly believes that not only food but our psychological health also plays a major role in our wellbeing. Renuka is handling autoimmune diseases and other lifestyle diseases. She was in the IT industry but after seeing the cons of the work culture and struggling with her own health conditions for many years due to stress and malnutrition, she decided to join RachnaRestores for recovery as well as for becoming a holistic coach. She strongly believes to pass this benefit and knowledge to people who are suffering from autoimmune/lifestyle diseases. She links stress around nutrition and fitness. She believes that our life is like a jigsaw puzzle with so many interconnected things. We have to be well balanced on the nutritional, emotional and physical front to have vibrant health. Contact details ; Email :; Phone no : +919011095579

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