Dear Fellow Coaches,
The RR community is grateful for each one of you for being part of our community of health coaches. At this time we would like you to know that your yearly certification is up for renewal.
Why is it important to keep your certification up to date?
  1. To ensure your independent practice. An up-to-date certification ensures that your international accreditation as a holistic health coach is valid when you are treating clients or patients. As per international accreditation norms, an annual renewal for practitioners is mandatory.
  2. To update yourself. The evidence based scientific world of holistic nutrition is changing everyday. We update our course every year so that your knowledge is updated and you can help more people effectively.
  3. To avail of community benefits. At the RR community, we provide a platform for each of our coaches to talk about their work and help other people know about them. In 2021, we have already shared the various initiatives we have launched including showcasing coaches via interviews, their own patented content hosted by us, mentions in the social media and Lives.
  4. To be featured as Coach of the Month. We will be starting this from July 20 21. All coaches who send their patients success journeys as per the format on this link will be chosen and selected as coach of the month and featured also the month on all social media platforms of RachnaRestores.
  5. To get exposure. Our website is averaging over 3000 views per day, and in 2020 alone, 75,000 visits per annum of 30,000+ prospective patients/clients visited our holistic health coach pages. People are looking for the right coach to help them and you can be that coach. These benefits are going to be unlimited for coaches who have their certification up to date.
With so many benefits, it makes so much sense for you as an independent practitioner to update your certificate.
Following are the steps for updation:
  1. Go to Holistic Health Coach Program on the link here
  2. Scroll down and click on the holistic health coach certification program
  3. Scroll down and fill out the purple form – This will take you to PayPal.
  4. You can pay via PayPal or deposit the annual renewal fee of ₹5000, payment details on this link
  5. The moment we receive your purple form and your renewal fee, within 2 working days, you will be receiving your login to refresh your international accreditation, knowledge so that you can receive your renewed certificate as well as updated PDF manual.
Renewal time is a great time to update your profile if needed. Please feel free to submit your updated bio with a picture to Simone Alvares
Thank you for your continued support and efforts to our shared mission! And please contact us for any questions, ideas, or collaborations. We would love to collaborate with our coaches to bring living healthy into the mainstream!
Rachna Chhachhi