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The You Can Beat Cancer Masterclass is a unique Masterclass that helps you take the fear out of cancer. Always remember: cancer is just a disease. The very reason that cancer cases are rising is because of our lifestyle, the environment around us, the pollutants and the rising stress levels. If we can manage these factors systematically, we can reduce the risk of getting cancer as well as speed up the recovery process and reduce chances of recurrence. Medical treatments increase chances of recurrence and that is a large part of the reason why cancer is becoming an epidemic – we have new cases and we have secondary cancer cases. 

Course details:

  1. Anti-cancer holistic nutrition: The foods and lifestyle habits taught will be very specific to types of cancers, prevention, recovery and avoiding chances of recurrence
  2. Stress reduction techniques:  Specific kinds of stress and inflammation. This connection will be explained and cognitive methods to reduce stress will be taught
  3. Anti-angiogenesis: Specific foods and lifestyle that have been scientifically proven to have anti angiogenesis effect on growing rumours and cancers will be covered
  4. Certification: The Masterclass is a certification program and will be divided into 5 sessions, assignments, group work and quizzes spread over 5 months 
  5. For practitioners: Oncologists, radiotherapy experts and other cancer treatments doctors can use it for helping their patients with quicker recovery and lesser side effects of their treatments. Therapists like Ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga have found clinical success with their patients via the masterclass. Other practitioners, warriors, caregivers can help increase quality of life, longevity and chances of recurrence for cancer patients
  6. For caregivers: If you are looking after a loved one in recovering from cancer, you can understand how to speed up the recovery and reduce their chances of metastasis with this masterclass. In case you are looking at expanding your practice beyond helping your loved ones, you can combine this masterclass along with the holistic health coach certification program (sign up here) and become an accredited and internationally recognised health practitioner, and set up your practice to help other cancer patients prevent or recover from cancer.
  7. The focus is cancer prevention and better patient care:The focus is to prevent, heal and reduce recurrence of cancers and increase recovery and longevity. Beating cancer is about increasing immunity in a very specialised and specific manner and this Masterclass teaches you how to follow these systematic steps to become the healthiest you can be or help loved ones or patients get a higher quality of life.
  8. Course instructor: The Masterclass is conducted by certified cancer nutrition expert Rachna Chhachhi who has a vast body of work in treating cancer patients successfully. She is a certified cancer coach as well as certified in cancer metastasis from Johns Hopkins University.
  9. Pricing: ₹30,000/USD 450. 
  10. Do register for the class and avail of the discount by making the payment in INR on the link here or paying in USD via PayPal to PayPal account by Aug 15, 2021. For queries, please click here

Let’s heal cancer, holistically


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