Health is the greatest of all possessions. Being an Ex RA warrior, Rajshree emerged to be strong and sturdy like never before which paved a path of strong belief on holistic nutrition, which helped her in becoming a certified holistic coach at RachnaRestores. The best prescription for life is healthy food, good sleep, yoga , meditation and if needed a little help from supplements .So here goes her story- Mild random pains for some time turned for worse in 2016 .Crest and troughs in life sometime take a toll on you unknowingly and you fall into a circle of inertia of poor lifestyle choice .She tried to correct some of them through yoga which helped to an extent but then in an ill advised move took on a intense program which her body was not prepared for, at that period of life .The result was RA in 2017 and intense pain that goes with it .In a hurried consultation with a reputed Ayurveda centre went through a Panchakarma program which definitely started the journey towards a solution .The next year was mix of highs and lows which were hard to understand and definitely managed to stem the tide without toxic medication that modern medicine prescribes .But the lows after the highs would be very demoralising . Through all that pain something was very clear that she was getting weaker and some thing was missing between the medicines and the incredible food restrictions, something was not right ,but she never lost the underlying spirit that once she found the missing link this will be over .The weakness was aiding the lows as the medicines felt to be counter productive in that state. In that state her husband came across RachnaRestores ,whom he had been following since the time she was diagnosed ! She was deviating from the course of treatment but her husband was adamant and one night he penned a mail to RachnaRestores. We responded in three days with a detailed mail and with a understanding of the situation which defied all the their preconceived notions .It was like rainfall on a parched desert floor .This gave her a ray of hope. Thus began the extraordinary journey of holistic healing with food ,yoga ,supplements and lifestyle choices .The pains and fatigue became dull with time before altogether vanishing and after around 9 months now she is free of medicines and at the verge of complete recovery and RA free ,sometimes forgetting she even had it !! On our suggestion she started her journey as a healer . She owe it to people who need inspiration to fight similar situations in life .Most autoimmune cases can be reversed with right lifestyle choices and guidance and there is no need to live with them. As a healer she understands what a person goes through in her situation and she is willing to extend her hand to all those who need the care that they deserve to have the life that they want .She seeks to bring all her experience in her journey of getting healed to reach out to all those who need her .If she can do it ,you can do it ! Contact details ; Email : rajshree.jatin@gmail.com; Phone no : +919945283394