Pooja is certified nutritionist and holistic health coach, specialised in weight management, reversal of diseases and lifestyle modification. Cooking is her mantra for a healthy life. She believes- one who cooks can control health and give the best to their loved ones and family. This motive of her to make everyone healthy encouraged her to take it further and she started her brand Healthywale, where she caters healthy version of food and also conducts classes for teaching healthy salads. Right from childhood days, she is been inclined towards fitness in some way or the other. This has driven her passion to take up a teacher training course in Yoga RYT 200hrs and has been practising and guiding people in Yoga. Pooja is a spiritual healer and feels for being healthy one should be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually working towards self. Meditation is one thing which heals the person from the core and its the guiding light that helps one achieve peace and bliss, which helps one to come out of stress. She believes health is the real wealth, which can be achieved with right lifestyle and holistic approach. Contact details ; Email : poomewani@gmail.com; Phone no : +919594265624