Paromita is a Computer Engineer and completed her MBA from Strathclyde University,UK. She is an IT Professional and currently serving Singtel as a Senior Manager. Being the mother of two school going kids plus the daily stress and strain in the work have not got her much time to look after herself and didn’t even realise that she had rheumatoid arthritis which only got diagnosed after her second child birth. She was consulting a RA specialist but was not convinced to remain under long term medication. Then came the miracle- an article from Rachna on Holistic Healing – she immediately got in touch with Rachna and she was very responsive and her life took a complete “U Turn” since then !! It took her a good amount of time to learn the process of changing the old habits and adapt the true healing process – A total change in Lifestyle and now she would like to take the opportunity to become a preacher. But she didn’t stop here, she had under gone the prescribed course to educate herself the nuances of healing art for millions of patients suffering form this disease across the globe. She is a certified Holistic Coach and intend to help people who are solely depending on toxic medicines either for temporary relief or day dreaming a cure!! Contact details ; Email :