Pampa Debnath, a certified Holistic health coach and a certified Autoimmune master class coach of Rachna Restores, is an Assistant Professor by profession in an engineering Institute and also an active researcher. Though she is enthusiastic and passionate in her present role, but a sudden deterioration of her father’s health due to Rheumatoid Arthritis troubles and shakes her mentally in 2016. At that time, she took help of Rachna’s Restoration care; which now turned the table by making her father completely stable only thorough pranayama, healthy eating, changing lifestyle and mental support from Rachna Restores. This ignites the curiosity of her scientific mind (which is by profession) and learned the root cause of diseases which outwardly looks deadly, and causes both physical pain and mental agony simultaneously. Her husband, who was a chronic patient of Migraine from childhood, also gets cured by adopting the same procedure. This initiates her journey to become a health coach, precisely for the chronic diseases and prolonged illnesses. Thank you Rachna ma’am for making her a part of the RachnaRestores community. Any Autoimmune diseases and Life style diseases can be cured through continuous consolation with Prof. Debanth, where patience will play the key role, in addition with pranayama, nutritional supplement and lifestyle. She is now professionally spending the time to inspire others who are in dire need to get back the earlier healthy life, and can contact at Email:  , Phone no. 9874891441