Palak is an former Head Hunter and now a full fledged Certified Health Coach with RachnaRestores, a organisation working on Holistic Healing .Palak has a masters degree in business management with her primary area of focus being Human Resources, something which is she has had a natural flare for and hence decided to specialise in. Palak had always been a healthy eater and kept exercise a part of her busy lifestyle, hence when diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis she was taken by surprise. This autoimmune condition actually changed her life as for the last few years she had multiple relapse, she struggled with bad and good days and faced the day to day challenges of trying to lead a normal life juggling the roles of a full time mother, wife and daughter and a professional. But a chance meeting at a social event with Rachna Chhachhi of RachnaRestores, who after hearing of Palak’s condition took her under her wing, having gone through the similar condition. Rachna deluge to completed the seemingly impossible task of healing Palak’s condition, holistically, inspiring palak to follow her path and guidance to work on becoming a certified health coach herself. As a health coach she is able to combine her passion of health and wellness education with society to create the highest quality of life her patients can live.She hopes to inspire people to live healthier lives, by empowering them to believe that they can improve their health with the power of positivity, while she can provide them with knowledge, skills, tools and expertise to succeed.Through her own struggles and experiences ,she has been helping people get healthier holistically. She is well versed in treating ailments like diabetes ,heart diseases and autoimmune conditions.She is a proud mom of two lovely kids and loves spending time with family and friends. Contact details ; Email :; Phone no : +919867256541

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