Rajni/ Nilu  is a certified nutritionist, holistic health coach at RachnaRestores and cancer coach. Her dream was to heal people but after her marriage she could not pursue it though she was already in the medical profession but her self- commitment pushed her to the healer’s world. She currently resides in Hoshiarpur, Punjab (INDIA). She had been certified as a nutritionist for one year but she was not satisfied with the knowledge she had. She realised that food is not the sole criteria for well being, there are other aspects too, that contribute to a healthy life, then she came to know about Rachna Chhachhi, who was healing people holistically, that inspired her to become holistic health coach and now she is successfully helping people for their lifestyle issues like weight loss,PCOS /PCOD.Type2 Diabetes, heart diseases holistically and will certainly help people suffering from cancer, as she is now a holistic cancer coach also. Apart from healing her biggest obsession is to explore the places that are near to nature and for that she keeps her self young not physically but mentally too by doing yoga, healthy eating and with self nurturing. The three main concept she follows are: Bio-individuality- No one diet or way of living works for everyone, making changes step by step allows for sustainable healthy practice, food is not the only thing feeding us; our emotions, stress, sleep, exercise, spirituality all contribute to our health. Contact details ; Email :; Phone no : +919463693262

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