Nikhita is a management graduate by profession. She is an autoimmune warrior and had
suffered from psoriasis in the past. She developed this autoimmune condition in her teenage years.
Many consultations with doctors and alternative health professionals were futile which only
contributed to her disappointment until she met Rachna. Rachna not only healed her condition just within 2 months but also decided to take on the incredible journey of healing others. Rachna’s phenomenal results prompted an enquiry path in the field of Holistic Nutrition. Nikhita is now a certified Holistic Health coach as well as an Auto Immune Expert. As she looks back on my life and reflects, she knows she was meant to take on this healing journey. A shout out to all Auto Immune warriors out there. Don’t feel depressed, we have all been through the same journey. Nikhita is here to offer her expertise and support in combating these debilitating conditions because she has been through one herself. Let’s defeat autoimmune together. Let’s thrive and flourish because we are worth it! Email ID: