Neelam is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores, based in Noida. Neelam is all empathy, an ardent and patient listener, she is all ears all the time for people needing care, help and support. During the early years of her marriage, she had learned Reiki but could only practice within family and close friends, then life happened without Reiki. Fate had something else in Neelam’s destiny, unfortunately her husband was diagnosed with brain tumour. She tried every treatment and every cure that was known, offered and suggested to her. She had travelled widely to get the best treatment and consult with the most renowned specialists in the country.Neelam lost Basant to their battle against cancer about a year ago. After a life altering loss, Neelam refused to be depressed, pulled herself soon enough as she has to raise their daughter Devika all alone. She started to volunteer at and went back to learning and practicing Reiki, back to helping, caring and keeping busy. When her brother in law Sandeep had lifestyle issues, he reached out to the celebrity healer Rachna Chhachhi and it worked wonders for him. Neelam was all intrigued by Rachna’s holistic healing and became a certified healer to reach out to others. She believes with the help and guidance of Rachna and her own experience, she can coach the patient’s with empathy and sincerity. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +919868387001

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