Mother’s Day discount!

Mothers are special. Your mother is your best friend, healer, nurturer. This Mother’s Day, nurture her right back! Give the gift of a career as a healer to your mom. And for every mother – daughter that signs up, only pay for one.

The Holistic Health Coach Certification Program is on 50% off till June 15, 2021! Full fee is Rs 28,000, but you pay Rs 14,000!

The Holistic Health Coach Certification Program empowers you to heal those suffering. The content here is a combination of what your course instructor and healer, Rachna Chhachhi studied in holistic nutrition and her own unique practice and learnings from treating patients across the world. This content will not be found in any textbooks of any university teaching holistic nutrition, disease reversal without medication or any other kind of treatment to reduce suffering of patients and increase their quality of life and lifespan. The Certification is for practitioners, recognised by CMA & CPD, UK

Men, women and other genders are welcome to apply. 

Holistic Health Coach Certification Program Course details below:

  1. Understanding Nutrition
      • The role of  vitamins, minerals and herbs in combating inflammation
      • Life and age-based nutritional needs
      • Becoming a family coach
      • How to  cook
      • Super foods and why you should recommend them
      • Why  fats are important
      • Research Papers
      • Quiz on Nutrition
    1. Self nurturing – Video
      • Why self nurturing is important for everyone’s health
      • What are the ways we can self-nurture
      • Self nurturing techniques for each family member
      • Research Papers
    2. Why exercise is important
      • What are the right exercises for each family member
      • Research Papers
      • Quiz on exercise
    3.  Benefits of restorative yoga  NEW ADDITION!
      •  What is restorative yoga?
      • 7 poses to benefit everybody and reduce stress
    4. Supplementation – Video
      • Do we need supplements despite a nutritious diet?
      • Conditions where supplements are important and how should you take them
      • Research Papers
    5. The case for Organic NEW ADDITION!
      • Benefits of organic produce
      • Environmental benefits of organic farming
      • Quiz on Organic
    6.  How to be a good coach – Part 1  NEW ADDITION!
      • Introduction to counselling
      • How to implement counselling techniques
      • From the coach’s point of view: essentials for effective counselling
      • 10 tips to make your session productive
      • Compassion fatigue and symptoms
      • Quiz: How to be a good coach part 1
    7. How to be a good coach – part 2  NEW ADDITION!
      • How to be a rock star coach!
      • Recap: practising to be a family coach
      • Before every session with this
      • Quiz: How to be a good coach part 2
    8. Helping Clients heal from these – Video NEW ADDITION!
      • Compromised immunity
      • Cardiovascular disease
      • Type II diabetes
      • Autoimmune conditions
      • Cancer
      • Quiz: Treating conditions
    9. Duties and responsibilities  NEW ADDITION!
      • Working as a health coach
    10. DURATION: 6 – 8 weeks (password expires after 8 weeks, so this is a time-bound course).
    11. Pricing: Priced at ₹28,000/USD 450, there is an early bird discount of 70% on using the code XMAS – making it just ₹8,400/USD 120. This early bird discount is valid till Jan 15, 2021. You can register now and get access later! Access will be valid for all of 2021!

Please fill out the form below to register for the class and avail of the discount by making the payment in INR on the link here or paying in USD via PayPal to PayPal account For queries, please click here

Let’s heal together.