AYSE TURKMEN, CYPRUS: Ayse is a certified health coach since 2019 and she is a freelance specialist on event organisation and co-ordination based in Nicosia, Cyprus. Doctors diagnosed that she has RA when she was 18 years old. In the beginning, doctors gave her several medications to control arthritis. It was ok for a while since she didn’t have pain but on the other hand, she was gaining weight rapidly because of the cortisone medication. After a few years, she has started to see very strong side effects of methotrexate (chemo drug). Despite getting many medications, she was still suffering from pain and deformations started to occur in her hands and foot. She had another serious health problem, hyperthyroidism at 25. Urgently she had to have an operation since the doctors found that she has thyroid cancer. Eventually in 2014, started to search alternative ways to ease her pain. One day, while she was searching the relation between diet and RA she found Rachna’s story. She felt so touched and immediately she wrote an email to her. In November 2014 she has started to follow her advice, at the beginning it was not easy, but she was determined to change her life and have a healthy and happy life. In 2015 she has stopped to take all medications related to RA. She has decided to become a health coach and support and guide people who are suffering from RA. She believes that everything happens for a reason. Her reason (RA) to meet with Rachna changed her life. To change was not easy but in the end, it was all for the Best. And now it’s time to inspire other people who are looking for a light to change their lives in good way. Contact details: Email- ayse.tcy@gmail.com; Phone no- +90 533 863 17 00
NEHA BALI, DUBAI: Neha Bali is a certified Holistic Nutritional Coach practicing in Dubai working with RachnaRestores. An M.B.A. by qualification she has worked in the corporate and education sector for 20 years and is a travel enthusiast who loves to sing ! While her children were growing up she qualified herself to become a practitioner and coach in healing modalities like Meditation, E.F.T., Theta Healing and family constellation and has taught in Germany, Moscow and Dubai. Neha was inspired by her Mother’s selfless service in the field of nutrition as she was the chief dietician of a leading hospital in Delhi, India. She hopes to motivate and inspire clients to lead a holistic life adopting healthy habits to heal themselves. As a holistic coach she hopes to help people prevent, manage and reverse lifestyle diseases. She motivates people to adopt a healthy holistic approach to life and deal with their emotional, psychological and physical issues by taking their life in their own hands. Contact details: Email- mailnehabali@gmail.com; Phone no- +971504591718
WIJDAAN RAHI BACCUS, DUBAI: Wijdaan R Saif has battled her weight since childhood. Name the diet, she tried it all. The yo-yos were doing more harm than good to her thus compromising her health. Low levels of energy, swelling, unexplained pain, insomnia, brain fog, low self-esteem, all these were affecting her daily routine and productivity. After stumbling on RachnaRestores on google search, a ray of hope was felt. Rachna Chachhi is god sent to her. She has always been present for Wijdaan at any time, always positive and vibrant smile. Wijdaan’s journey is not yet finished. She was certified as a holistic coach with RachnaRestores in February 2020 and is determined to help and accompany more people towards this healing path. Having been an educator for the past 8 years teaching languages, she wants to pursue her career by extending her horizon in educating people about healthy living as well. Being fluent in English, French and Creole (her mother tongue), she is ready to welcome people across UAE and Mauritius. She is strongly willing to lend a shoulder to those who to walk the healing path. Contact details: Email- wij580@hotmail.com; Phone no- +97155 6113998; +971529008018
CONCHITA FERNANDES, DUBAI: Contact details: Email id-conchi.fernandes@gmail.com; Phone no- +97150 626 1204
JUMANA BROACHWALA, ABU DHABI: Jumana is a Certified Health Coach with a specialization in Autoimmune Health with Rachnarestores. She’s also an energy healer and a lover of life and wellness, an avid reader and believes in the magic of self-love. She’s mum to two beautiful teenage daughters and wife to a wonderful and supportive husband. Despite being a certified and registered pharmacist, the world of pills and drugs never fascinated her, she was always drawn towards the healing power of nature and thus immersed herself in the holistic health and fitness orbit professionally. She is a proud IBS and autoimmune warrior herself and after suffering for years in pain and no relief in spite of various treatments and medications, she took the courageous step to embark on a holistic healing lifestyle path because she understood that there are no pills or quick fixes to heal a bad lifestyle. She restored her life by healing her gut, learnt to deal with stress by practicing mindfulness and live a pain-free life with the added bonuses of weight loss, inch loss, more energy and positivity! Her mission: She gets to live her best life and loves what she does daily while passionately nurturing and inspiring others with chronic health conditions to feel vibrant and regain health, live pain free and heal beyond medication by making sustainable and personalized lifestyle changes that works best for them. Her life mantra: Happiness lies within you. Eat well, Love well, Be well. Contact details: WhatsApp: 00917498054603 Email: Nourishtoflourishwithjums@gmail.com Instagram: https://instagram.com/nourishtoflourishwithjums