Men’s health

In holistic healing, very often, the physical and emotional needs of women are at the forefront. But men, with the stressful environment that they are operating in, need special attention. We at the RR community, understand this. We have instituted special men’s health programmes to reduce risk factors for men for lifestyle and age-related diseases as well as cancers. So if you are have a stressed out lifestyle, high-pressure job or business, we are here to help. Below are the conditions with a special focus on your gender where holistic treatment has been tried and tested and worked clinically at the RR community:

  1. Anxiety/stress
  2. Digestive issues
  3. Insomnia
  4. Unexplained pains
  5. Excessive hair loss
  6. Feeling tired after waking up
  7. Heart risk condition issues like high cholesterol, hypertension, uric acid
  8. Being overweight
  9. Urination issues
  10. Reduced sex drive
  11. Prostate health
  12. Prostrate cancer treatment (comes under Cancer Healing)
  13. Benign prostate hyperplasia treatment
  14. Self awareness
  15. Relationship counselling

The details of our Men’s Health program are below:

  • Nutrition for Men’s health: Rachna Chhachhi
  • Counselling to reduce stress: Dr Bhavana Gautam
  • Yoga for men’s health: Prachi Wasnikar
  • 4 sessions per month:
    • Counselling: 1 session per month
    • Nutrition chart: 1 session per month
    • Restorative yoga: 2 sessions per month
  • Unlimited email-based support with your coaches
  • Minimum period of signup: 3 months
  • Fee: Rs.20,000/USD 300 per month

Be healthier, with high energy! Sign up for our holistic nutritional treatment by filling out the patient case history form on the link here and begin your healing journey!