Late Stage Ovarian Cancer

Late Stage Ovarian Cancer Heals With Holistic Nutrition

Asha sharing her experiences on healing herself from late-stage ovarian cancer at Rachna Chhachhi’s book launch

Rachna had met Asha Venkat, 52 years, at one of our events, Health over Hospital in April 2019. Despite her chemotherapy, her vibrant and colourful bandanna caught Rachna’s attention. Subsequently, she and her husband came backstage to have a conversation with Rachna to begin her nutritional treatment.
Asha had late-stage ovarian cancer and had undergone extremely aggressive chemotherapy which had left her weak, tired, with severe digestive issues. However, holistic nutrition and her discipline helped her cancer markers and inflammation levels within 45 days of Rachna’s holistic treatment. Despite the best treatment and surgery though, her cancer markers and inflammation markers were still very high and the oncologist was unsure as to why. They said that they had done everything on their end.

After following Rachna’s holistic cancer healing program for 45 days, everything came back in range. This was a relief to her since her ovarian cancer was genetic with Asha being BRCA positive and chances of recurrence were 90% within the first three years, due to genetic factors alone. Keeping inflammation levels and cancer markers in range reduces this risk of recurrence by over 80%.After 45 days of holistic treatment, Asha’s clinical markers were drastically down:

  1. ESR came down from 110 to 25
  2. CRP came down from 11 to 4
  3. CA 125 came down from 32 (post-surgery, borderline) to 10.4 (after holistic treatment)
  4. Anal fissures reduced
  5. Chronic right shoulder pain disappeared.

Asha launched Rachna’s book, You Can Beat Cancer, and at the book event, she said, “Rachna has given me a new lease of life when everybody else gave up on me. I am here on stage today because of the holistic nutritional treatment and Rachna’s constant support.”

Asha remains healthy and is an inspirational example of late-stage cancers with genetic backdrop getting healed with holistic anti-cancer nutrition.
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