Krittika Rai is a Clinical Nutrition Consultant, a Certified AutoImmune Expert & a Holistic Health Coach. She holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. She has also earned a certificate in ‘Nutrigenomics’ which is an emerging tool in the field of Preventive Nutrition. Krittika has years of experience working with leading multinational health care organizations and working in tandem with renowned doctors of various specialties -PAN India. She was also attached to various corporates as a health consultant. Her experience speaks in the way she comprehensively and effectively plans therapeutic interventions for her patients. Apart from the clinical aspect, Krittika puts in a lot of effort to ensure the emotional state of the patient is also taken care of. Anxiety, stress, etc will hamper the healing process; her calm, empathizing nature and the ease with which she communicates with the patient helps address this important factor and also bridges any gap or discomfort the patient might feel while undergoing the therapy. Her expertise includes Autoimmune conditions, Hepatic & renal diseases, Gut issues, Hormonal imbalances/PCOS, and Dysphagia. Krittika is working as an independent consultant and is also immensely proud to be part of RachnaRestores. Contact Details of Krittika Rai- Email id:

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