Kids Nutrition

“Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” – Elizabeth Stone, teacher and author

Kids are a source of joy for their parents. But when they fall ill, it becomes difficult to stay calm and help them recover. If you are a parent worried about your child’s immunity or if you are already a certified healer, doctor, complimentary medicine therapist, and want to incorporate strong immunity for your patients or client’s children, this course is perfect for you. In today’s pandemic, it becomes extremely important for kids of all ages to develop high immunity so they do not catch colds, coughs, flus, viruses and infections easily. A healthy immune system is the foundation for a child to ensure avoidance of these and faster recovery as well as reduced risk of lifestyle diseases as they grow up.

Course details below:

  • This course covers age groups from 3–18 years and provides specific plans for each life stage of growth for children.
  • Fee: Rs 18,000
  • The course is a self-paced course for 6 weeks duration.
  • The course launches on Aug 13, 2021
  • An early bird discount of makes the fee only Rs 12,000, giving Rs 6,000 off, valid till Aug 30.
  • This is a certification course and our online college is registered with Complimentary Medical Association, UK and CPD, UK.
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The course curriculum is below:

  • Module 1: Understanding holistic nutrition for kids
  • Module 2: 3–6 years: Building the foundation of immunity and healthy brain development
  • Module 3: 8–11 years: Establishing sound mind-body connect and healthier brain and body; preparing the child for pre-puberty
  • Module 4: 12–15 years: Puberty related nutrition needs, managing mood swings, acne, hair fall, health issues like obesity, PCOS, aggressive behaviour
  • Module 5: 16–18 years: Welcoming adulthood – creating the foundations of holistic nutrition and immunity for higher energy and better mental health
  • Module 6: Special focus: Kids with special needs, mental health awareness each parent must know
  • Recipes Corner: 67 yummy recipes!
  • Each module will be accompanied by a quiz which has to be passed in order to get the certification.

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