Kanan is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores. She is based in Mumbai. Although Kanan is an advocate with a passion for creativity, her love for holistic living and wellness has driven her to pursue it professionally. She has had family members suffering from cancer, and the side effects of their allopathy treatments is what pushed her to explore the world of natural healing practices. This is when she began her journey in holistic healing. Since then, she has learnt Acupressure and is a also a certified Reiki Practitioner. She completed the Holistic Health Coach Certification course with RachnaRestores in October 2019, and RachnaRestores has given her a wonderful platform to not only learn and understand nutrition, but to also pursue it professionally as a health coach. Kanan believes that when the mind, the body and the soul are given their respective correct nourishment and are balanced, the quality of life becomes better. Her ultimate aim is to empower people and free them of all dependencies and guide them towards wellness. Contact details: Email- kanan289@yahoo.com; Phone no- +91 9920438760