Jasmine is certified holistic health care coach with RachnaRestores. She worked as an international marketing manager after completing her MBA . She was happily married with a six years old until cancer devastated their life. She fought with brave heart but her prayers remained unanswered as she lost her little gem to cancer. For two years life was surrounded by chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, bone marrow transplant etc but of no use . Allopathic doctors tried and tested everything but were still not able to eradicate cancer from its root cause . They kept on applying there standard protocols, advising variant therapies , but never focused on “ WHAT TO EAT AND WHAT NOT TO “. Rachna came into her life quiet late , had it been a bit earlier things would have been different and definitely better . Rachna put up all her efforts but he was too small at such a last stage . At the end, life was left with unanswered questions about food as medicine, holistic healing, cancer cure and the list was endless . Her prayers were not answered but her answers were at RachnaRestores . Rachna and her team was a pillar of support at the time of turmoil. For future she wants to reach out to people to create awareness about the health , nutrition, lifestyle, cancer treatment and prevention. Holistic healing is helpful in reversing cancer , auto immune , heart disease , diabetes etc when conventional treatment fails to work. Making people understand the balance among nutrition, exercise and sleep and working towards a good lifestyle. Contact details: Email- gulatijasmine30@gmail.com; Phone no- +91 81464 98824

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