RADHIKA SHAHI, LUCKNOW: Radhika has been running a Pre-school since the past 17 years . She would always get concerned seeing the packaged food and preservative laden lunch that the kids got for tiffin time from home but could not do much about it. Around 4 years back, Radhika was totally shaken by 3 back to back cancer diagnoses in her family ,all females ,all very dear to her. She herself has fibroids and hormonal issues.She came to know about Rachna through a friend and was totally inspired by her story . Without thinking twice Radhika decided to go for a detox diet from her and simultaneously joined her course. The diet was very doable and boosted her energy levels. The lockdown period gave Radhika the opportunity to complete the course thoroughly and timely. The certification has made a huge difference in her understanding that food is the actual medicine and she is confident in overcoming not just her ailments but in helping other members in her family overcome cancer as well. Radhika is looking forward to learning from Rachna and in her small little way contribute to a healthier and safer world starting from creating awareness about good nutrition amongst the parents associated within our school. Contact Details- Email id:


BABITA KAPOOR : NOIDA, Babita is a certified Holistic health coach with a specialisation in Autoimmune Healing. She is an internationally certified EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) Practitioner, Matrix Reimprint Practitioner, Inner Child Practitioner, NLP Breakthrough Coach, Reiki Master, & Magnified Healer. She is also An Advance EFT practitioner in Training. Having undergone major health issues, Babita understood the importance of a strong immune system. She researched and made a lot of Lifestyle and dietary changes and worked on her emotions and levels of stress through EFT and other modalities and came out of difficult health issues and also rid her body of side effects of medication. Health & emotional wellness is her passion. She helps people to cope with day to day stress and release suppressed emotions. She combines her skills to help people lead a happy, healthy, emotionally balanced, pain-free life.
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Cell : 9873100774
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ANURADHA BAIJAL, LUCKNOW: Having been a Science teacher, for the past three decades, Anuradha believes in practising what she teaches. She was born and brought up in Delhi and holds a masters degree in botany and a bachelor’s degree in education from DU. She is a certified holistic health coach and an autoimmune expert with RachnaRestores. She is an avid reader, a painter, a nature lover and compassionate about the welfare of street animals. As a certified coach, she has already started helping many and looks forward to helping more people live healthy life by empowering them to believe in the power of positivity and yoga and bidding goodbye to medicines. She believes that trillions of our body cells are capable of healing themselves and it can be done by managing food, emotions, stress and sleep. In the present times one cannot avoid stress and anxiety and this is where ,an empathising nature ,patience and good communication skills will prove to be an asset which her profession as an educationist has taught her . The various courses with the Rachna made it very clear to her that the best medicine is food and a positive mind. Contact Details: email- 9415014134