RIDDHIMA SHARMA, FARIDABAD: Ridhima Sharma is lifestyle medicine practitioner and a holistic health coach. She started her career as a Software Engineer and then later transitioned into the role of a professional Social Worker. In the past, she has worked as a fellow in the National Nutrition Mission (POSHAN Abhiyaan), a Government of India programme to reduce maternal and child mortality rate, prevailing malnutrition among infants and children, and anaemia among adolescent girls and women. Her post-graduation in social work has equipped her with the skills of empathy, non-judgemental attitude, active listening, community development, and counselling which has helped her to understand the needs of her patients without any bias. During her academic years, she was awarded a gold medal in the Masters in Social Work from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. She keeps her knowledge abreast in the latest developments of holistic health, nutrition, and happiness-inducing topics by earning continuing education credits. In her free time, she believes in living a holistic life wherein she depends less on the materialistic goods and follows a minimalistic lifestyle approach. She also likes exploring the spiritual domain and practices the art of giving. Her INFJ personality on the Bryers Miggs Personality Types is known to be one of the rarest personalities in the world hence she can understand and help her patients in progressing towards their personal development goals. Her special areas of interest under the autoimmune disease is Uveitis (inflammation of the eye) and she’s looking forward to helping as many people in need of her support. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 83686 55160
NILU VASUDEV/ RAJNI SHARMA, HOSHIARPUR: Rajni Sharma/ Nilu Vasudev is a certified nutritionist, holistic health coach at RachnaRestores and cancer coach. Her dream was to heal people but after her marriage she could not pursue it though she was already in the medical profession but her self- commitment pushed her to the healer’s world. She currently resides in Hoshiarpur, Punjab (INDIA). She had been certified as a nutritionist for one year but she was not satisfied with the knowledge she had. She realised that food is not the sole criteria for well being, there are other aspects too, that contribute to a healthy life, then she came to know about Rachna Chhachhi, who was healing people holistically, that inspired her to become holistic health coach and now she is successfully helping people for their lifestyle issues like weight loss,PCOS /PCOD.Type2 Diabetes, heart diseases holistically and will certainly help people suffering from cancer, as she is now a holistic cancer coach also. Apart from healing her biggest obsession is to explore the places that are near to nature and for that she keeps her self young not physically but mentally too by doing yoga, healthy eating and with self nurturing. The three main concept she follows are: Bio-individuality- No one diet or way of living works for everyone, making changes step by step allows for sustainable healthy practice, food is not the only thing feeding us; our emotions, stress, sleep, exercise, spirituality all contribute to our health. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +919463693262
JASMINE GULATI, PATIALA, PUNJAB: Jasmine is certified holistic health care coach with RachnaRestores. She worked as an international marketing manager after completing her MBA . She was happily married with a six years old until cancer devastated their life. She fought with brave heart but her prayers remained unanswered as she lost her little gem to cancer. For two years life was surrounded by chemotherapy, surgery, radiation, bone marrow transplant etc but of no use . Allopathic doctors tried and tested everything but were still not able to eradicate cancer from its root cause . They kept on applying there standard protocols, advising variant therapies , but never focused on “ WHAT TO EAT AND WHAT NOT TO “. Rachna came into her life quiet late , had it been a bit earlier things would have been different and definitely better . Rachna put up all her efforts but he was too small at such a last stage . At the end, life was left with unanswered questions about food as medicine, holistic healing, cancer cure and the list was endless . Her prayers were not answered but her answers were at RachnaRestores . Rachna and her team was a pillar of support at the time of turmoil. For future she wants to reach out to people to create awareness about the health , nutrition, lifestyle, cancer treatment and prevention. Holistic healing is helpful in reversing cancer , auto immune , heart disease , diabetes etc when conventional treatment fails to work. Making people understand the balance among nutrition, exercise and sleep and working towards a good lifestyle. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 81464 98824
RUBINA SINGH, LUDHIANA: Rubina is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores , from Ludhiana, Punjab.She loves Nature and it’s holistic ways to heal body , mind and soul/ spirit. She firmly believes that allopathy alone can not heal a person. So, she was in search of a passionate and dedicated holistic health coaching to have a fit body for herself and for her loved ones. That’s how she found RachnaRestores. She did her holistic health coaching from Rachna Chhachhi. And experimented all the breathing techniques given in her course as well as set of exercises too. All this made her enthusiastic About healing holistically , and having healthier and more active life. After experiencing holistic ways of healing , she has found that it is a perfect way to have a harmonious and balanced life , physically and emotionally. It’s a choice that we all should make towards healing holistically as it embraces Nature’s ways of healing and Nature is powerful that it never lets you fail. After trying these holistic ways on her loved ones and having all the positive results. she is here to heal all holistically at RachnaRestores. Contact details : Email: ;Phone: 9915015050
RAGHAV JAGGI, LUDHIANA, PUNJAB: Raghav is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at the RachnaRestores.He is otherwise into manufacturing of ladies suits by brand name ‘RAAS’. He loves nature and its holistic ways to heal body , mind and soul. He believes ‘treating food as a medicine’ so that you do not have to take medicines as food and “eat to live” and not live to eat principals. He welcomes all the interested ones to get healed by him with his holistic ways . Contact details:; Phone-9872166555
RUCHIKA KUMAR, CHANDIGARH: Ruchika is a fitness and health enthusiast. She has been following a path of holistic healing herself for over four years. When detected for hypothyroidism, she was determined to not depend on medication for her recovery. Instead, she channelled her energies to bring about lifestyle changes coupled with regular yoga and pranayama sessions. Since then she has managed to maintain normal levels of Thyroxine. Having achieved positive results for herself encouraged her to go deeper into the study of Holistic Health.She has been guiding her friends to bring about change in their lifestyle. Through this course, she looks forward to connecting with more people on a personal level. The knowledge she has gained through this course and her past experiences will help guide others to maintain good health and overall wellness. Contact Details: Email-; Phone- +91 9815730147
ARSHDEEP KAUR, MOHALI, CHANDIGARH: Contact Details: Email id-; Phone- +91 9745066638
DR. AMAN SINDHU, AYURVEDA DOCTOR, CHANDIGARH: Contact Details: Email id-; Phone no- 6239147468
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