DR. BHAVANA GAUTAM, MUMBAI: Dr Bhavana Gautam, MBBS (MUHS), Master’s in hospital administration (MHA) from TISS, Lifestyle and wellness Consultant, Certified Personal Counsellor, Life Coach and Psychotherapist (REBT). In a career span of 12 years in the healthcare industry, Dr Bhavana has worked with some of the best organisations and People in the healthcare field such as Asian heart Hospital, ICICI Prudential Health Insurance, Apollo Hospital, Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Medimanage Health Services etc. Early on during her medical education years she realised that there is so much more to an unwell person than just his disease presentation. There was a whole emotional, mental, social, financial and cultural baggage which contributed to their current health state. It was this passion for simplifying healthcare and expanding the horizon of health management to wellness management that made her give up her position as the COO of a multi-specialty hospital in Mumbai and start her own wellness venture. The philosophy of the venture was to: 1) enable and empower individuals to manage their own wellness. 2) to emphasize to communities and individuals the need for preventive healthcare and promoting a holistic approach to health which goes beyond just treatment of disease conditions. Besides having worked as a wellness consultant for corporates such as Citibank, Nielsen, Mahindra and Mahindra, SAS, SVC, to name a few, Dr Bhavana have also worked closely with Schools and NGOs as a counsellor and therapist where the focus was not just on physical wellness but also on providing emotional and mental wellbeing. She is a life coach and counselling therapist. Young Adult counselling, Adolescent and Family counselling, Caregiver Counselling are her core competencies. With a background in medicine, healthcare and social sciences, her approach to counselling therapy is multi-pronged. Contact Details: Email-; Phone- +91 99201 40994
PALAK BHALLA AHUJA, MUMBAI: is an former Head Hunter and now a full fledged Certified Health Coach with RachnaRestores, a organisation working on Holistic Healing .Palak has a masters degree in business management with her primary area of focus being Human Resources, something which is she has had a natural flare for and hence decided to specialise in. Palak had always been a healthy eater and kept exercise a part of her busy lifestyle, hence when diagnosed with Psoriatic arthritis she was taken by surprise. This autoimmune condition actually changed her life as for the last few years she had multiple relapse, she struggled with bad and good days and faced the day to day challenges of trying to lead a normal life juggling the roles of a full time mother, wife and daughter and a professional. But a chance meeting at a social event with Rachna Chhachhi of RachnaRestores, who after hearing of Palak’s condition took her under her wing, having gone through the similar condition. Rachna deluge to completed the seemingly impossible task of healing Palak’s condition, holistically, inspiring palak to follow her path and guidance to work on becoming a certified health coach herself. As a health coach she is able to combine her passion of health and wellness education with society to create the highest quality of life her patients can live.She hopes to inspire people to live healthier lives, by empowering them to believe that they can improve their health with the power of positivity, while she can provide them with knowledge, skills, tools and expertise to succeed.Through her own struggles and experiences ,she has been helping people get healthier holistically. She is well versed in treating ailments like diabetes ,heart diseases and autoimmune conditions.She is a proud mom of two lovely kids and loves spending time with family and friends. Contact details ; Email :; Phone no : +919867256541
PRACHI WASNIKAR, MUMBAI: Prachi is a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. She received her initial 300-hour yoga teacher training through the Diploma Training offered by the Government of Maharashtra in Mumbai. Prachi turned to yoga 6 years ago as a part of her self love regime. Her daily practice has helped her grow stronger, more flexible and fearless, both on and off the mat. Being a lifelong learner, she continues to study and practice with world-renowned instructors from around the world. Through her Restorative Yoga lessons, Prachi focuses on breathing, exploring movement and stillness, and discovering relationships between body, mind, and soul. She is set on to ‘give back’ by helping people find the support and care they need through their yoga practice. Contact Details: Email-; Phone- +91 93222 56417
ARADHNA CHHACHHI, MUMBAI: Aradhna Chhachhi a certified holistic nutrition expert and Yin Yoga teacher. She helps women with PCOS and hormonal issues. She channelises the power of hormone balancing nutrients with female energy release via Yin Yoga to restore wellbeing for women by reducing stress levels and guiding on nutrients to reduce PCOS, thyroid and IVF related issues. Contact details: Email id-; Phone- +918451966665
ROLI JALAN, MUMBAI: Roli has done her Bachelors in Nutrition and Dietetics and is pursuing her Masters in Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. She is a Certified Sports Nutritionist and with a passion for an all round prolific development, she also earned a Certification in Weight Management, both from the American Council of Sports and Medicine (ACSM). To carry forward her deep zest in health and fitness, she coined the idea of a Fitness Bakery and is successfully a Founder- Partner of The Paleoo Bakes since 2017 in Mumbai. To help people adapt to health challenges and to boost positivity towards life in them, she went on to become Certified Holistic Health Coach with RachnaRestores. She is an Assistant Nutritionist at RachnaRestores and works on events and workshops to spread the message of reducing the suffering caused by diseases, and help people who contact RachnaRestores, lead a healthy lifestyle. Contact Details: Email-; Phone- +91 8208478432
KANAN SARDA SOTTANY, MUMBAI: Kanan is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores. She is based in Mumbai. Although Kanan is an advocate with a passion for creativity, her love for holistic living and wellness has driven her to pursue it professionally. She has had family members suffering from cancer, and the side effects of their allopathy treatments is what pushed her to explore the world of natural healing practices. This is when she began her journey in holistic healing. Since then, she has learnt Acupressure and is a also a certified Reiki Practitioner. She completed the Holistic Health Coach Certification course with RachnaRestores in October 2019, and RachnaRestores has given her a wonderful platform to not only learn and understand nutrition, but to also pursue it professionally as a health coach. Kanan believes that when the mind, the body and the soul are given their respective correct nourishment and are balanced, the quality of life becomes better. Her ultimate aim is to empower people and free them of all dependencies and guide them towards wellness. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 9920438760
SUSHMITA BAGCHI, MUMBAI: ‘ The purpose of life is not to be happy. It is to be useful, to be honourable, to be compassionate, to have it make some difference that you have lived and lived well.’ -R.W.Emerson. After 44 years of moulding youngsters into their path of success, nurturing them educationally and emotionally, Susmita did not still feel her life was totally spent. Hence, she opted for a new path. While travelling through the yellow leafed trees, one often comes upon a forked pathway – one of total retirement, or one to serve others. It has been a pleasure for her to choose the second – ‘ healing others’, to bring a smile on their faces for those who need help and support.The Medical Field was a childhood dream. Everyone wishes a dream fulfilled , and it came to her by the way of RachnaRestores. New to the field, learning everyday, taking baby steps in today’s world of technology, her second dream and wish to become a compassionate guide / healing coach , is like a dream come true. She wishes to see herself as healing cancer patients to restore themselves , and auto immune sufferers, able to get back to their normal self without any disabilities. So, help her build herself with the success that ‘ She can and She will. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +919819815253
SONIYA KHANCHANDANI, MUMBAI: Soniya is a holistic health coach based in Mumbai and has been certified with RachnaRestores. Soniya has always been into fitness, yoga and mediation to live a healthy lifestyle. Hence she combined her passion for fitness with an in-depth knowledge of nutrition therapy. Her expertise lies in lifestyle diseases like weight loss management, type2 diabetes, hormonal issues, PCOD, thyroid, BP and other stress-related diseases. The aim has always been to reduce the reliance on medicine and focus more on the root of each issue, therefore her approach towards wellness is to always consider the physical and emotional health of each client. As a counsellor, she believes that every client is different even though the issues may be common, therefore each and every client gets a special attention. Her empathetic nature coupled with a simple, goal-oriented approach makes her fitness program easy to apply in the daily lifestyle and thus inspires each client to live a fit and healthy lifestyle. Contact details: Email- Phone no- +917506544565
POOJA MEWANI, MUMBAI: Pooja Mewani is certified nutritionist and holistic health coach, specialised in weight management, reversal of diseases and lifestyle modification. Cooking is her mantra for a healthy life. She believes- one who cooks can control health and give the best to their loved ones and family. This motive of her to make everyone healthy encouraged her to take it further and she started her brand Healthywale, where she caters healthy version of food and also conducts classes for teaching healthy salads. Right from childhood days, she is been inclined towards fitness in some way or the other. This has driven her passion to take up a teacher training course in Yoga RYT 200hrs and has been practising and guiding people in Yoga. Pooja is a spiritual healer and feels for being healthy one should be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually working towards self. Meditation is one thing which heals the person from the core and its the guiding light that helps one achieve peace and bliss, which helps one to come out of stress. She believes health is the real wealth, which can be achieved with right lifestyle and holistic approach. Contact details: Email- Phone no.- +919594265624
KIRAN MEHTA, MUMBAI: Kiran Mehta is a certified holistic healer. She has done her course from Rachna Chhachhi who is an experienced holistic healer and has been practicing since many years. Kiran has an autoimmune disorder due to which she has psoriasis, arthritis and two years ago, she was diagnosed with cancer as well. She took Rachna’s help for her holistic treatment and followed whatever was prescribed to her in relation to food and supplements. This has helped her to go through the treatment with very less side effects. She has a first hand experience in holistic healing. She understands what a patient goes through while suffering from an ailment. Kiran is a certified yoga teacher as well. She has been teaching yoga for 7yrs and has helped different age groups of people with weight loss and ailments. She is a good combination of holistic healing and yoga as they go hand in hand. Her main aim is to help people by being a good coach. Contact details: Email- Phone no- +91 98198 74030
DR. HIRAL SHAH, MUMBAI: Dr. Hiral is a 28yr old Physical Therapist residing in Vile Parle, Mumbai. She has done her Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy (BPTh) from Nair Hospital and Masters in Musculoskeletal Physical Therapy with Majors in Spine Rehab from Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston USA. Currently she runs her clinic Zenergy Physical Therapy and Pilates Studio in Andheri West, Mumbai. In her 5 years of working as a physical therapist she has seen and treated a lot of clients with autoimmune conditions like Ankylosing spondilitis, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis which lead her to research more on nutrition and exercise to help her improve their quality of life. She came across Rachna’s book You Can Beat Cancer while she was searching for alternative healing methods to help a family member overcome their cancer diagnosis. The book helped her a lot in understanding how right nutrition and emotional wellness plays an important role in overcoming lifestyle diseases which lead her to take up the course organised by and now she is a certified holistic cancer coach too. Dr. Hiral is looking forward to helping people overcome their lifestyle diseases with the correct nutrition, emotional counselling, exercise and physical therapy. Thank you Rachna for making her a part of the RachnaRestores community. Thank you! Contact Details: Email id-; Phone- +919769491530
UDDETA JAAIN DAGA, MUMBAI: Uddeta has completed her graduation in bachelor’s degree of commerce & later ventured into fashion designing & launched her own label, from Kolkata. Her skills & passion was into creativity, fashion, art & learning new techniques & meeting new people. Then she headed into event management & was the 1st person to launch Hansel and Gretel mother and child exhibition pan India. But then she realised something was missing in her goals & life purpose as money, name & fame didn’t gIve her satisfaction & then her journey for self- realisation started. Then she started doing various certified courses from numerous masters & practitioners from all over the world. She is now a Certified TAROT & ANGEL card reader, DREAM DECODER, REIKI & SWITCHWORD practitioner, SILVA MIND POWER graduate, ACUPRESSURIST, NUMEROLOGIST, VISION BOARD specialist & many more. She attended various yoga & meditation session from Isha Yoga foundation & other schools of yoga. Her life completely changed when she met Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev & then she realised that her life mission is to help others & serve humanity with her skills & leanings. She started to heal people through her learnings. As she was suffering from Hidradenitis Suppertiva, an autoimmune conditions along with Urticaria. She had tried all medications from Allopathy to Homeopathy to Naturopathy to Ayurveda but nothing was helping in reversing her disease after being operated by an oncologist. Then when she got married & shifted to Mumbai 3 years ago her life completely changed again as she met various Holistic Health Coaches & started changing her food & lifestyle habits. She was always into new learnings & attended various seminars, workshops & fitness session from best nutritionist, health coach, & doctors from various fields in Mumbai.. She was even inclined towards Organic foods & helped organic farmers & encouraged friends & family to incorporate organic foods in their life. She got an opportunity to meet Racha Chhachhi from RachnaRestores in her event Health over Hospital at Taj Lands End, where she met people who have reversed their diseases with the help of Rachna through lifestyle changes. She was motivated & decided she will take charge of her life in her own hands & will join the Holistic Health Coach from RachnaRestores. She did her certified course in May 2020 & has completely reversed Urticaria & is on her way to reverse Hidradenitis Suppertiva only by changing her food habits & lifestyle. Now her mission & aim is to help, guide people around & build a community where all people are healthy & disease free without any medicines. Contact Details: Email-; Phone- +91 7980713749; + 91 9830232444
TEJASHRI ACHARYA, MUMBAI: Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% on how you react to it. Having said that Tejashri is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores and a Mental Health Professional expertise in Child Psychology. She believes that majority of the diseases can be prevented with good nutrition. Healthy outside starts by healthy inside, your body hears everything your mine say so let everything you say be positive. With her roots in Counseling background, she is looking forward to support people in overcoming their lifestyle changes by providing her clients with customised balance of counseling techniques and healthy nutritional knowledge which results in an impactful healing process for leading a better life. Because When we replace ‘I’ with ‘We’ even the illness becomes ‘wellness’. Contact Details: Email id-; Phone- +91 9769353509
POOJA GUJRATHI, MUMBAI: Pooja is a Certified Holistic Health Coach RachnaRestores. She has always been passionate towards helping people by healing them emotionally , physically , spiritually and intellectually. This course has paved a path for her in making this world a fitter, healthier and a happier place to live in. Pouring her heart and soul into this field is an attempt to leave people better than you found them. In true essence, Pooja believes that creating a healthy and fulfilled living for one will complete her as a human. Her entire journey through the course has been knowledge gaining and she is honestly grateful for it. Gratitude is an appreciation and the more you appreciate, the more life gives you to appreciate. Contact details: Email id-; Phone- +91 9664513908
EVA SHARMA, MUMBAI: Contact Details: Email:; Phone: 9920741621
LIPI BANERJEE, NAVI MUMBAI: is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores. She also is an Autoimmune warrior. After suffering for 20 years a fellow Reiki practitioner guided her to Rachna in 2019. It was all due to the ever present and all knowing God and Reiki that she started on the path of healing under Rachna. Then she went to become an Autoimmune Coach herself. She is the owner of a Software Company and also practices Bach flower therapy, EFT and Reiki. She combines all these healing modalities for a holistic healing of each client. She is also a Certified Hypnotist, NLP Master Practitioner and a practising Numerologist. She is also a Certified Strategy and Accountability Coach who decided to focus on Health in her Coaching Practice. This allows her to help more and more people. 
Contact details:
Mobile: 9819986002
DISHA KAGDADA, MUMBAI: Disha is a Holistic and Integrative Nutrition Health and Happiness Coach. She guides, supports and assists clients across the globe to help deal with lifestyle disorders and in building the health and lifestyle they deserve. She empowers them to overcome their most challenging obstacles in order to start living a healthier and happier life. She hasn’t always been a health & wellness advocate. It was only when she suffered my own chronic health conditions, PCOS, and depression that she realized how lightly she took her health, body, and mind. All she wanted then, was to feel better, free, and alive again. Through her training and studies she has 2 key takeaways on health:- Food/nutrition is just 1 part of the big health puzzle. HEALTH IS HOLISTIC and all components are equally important and we are all unique, so are our problems and the solutions to our problems. Today, as a Holistic Health Coach, she understands the weight and frustration of feeling like there is more out there for you, but not knowing where to turn to first. Hence, her mission is to help you create a balanced life that prioritizes your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your true self. It is time to start nourishing your body and soul again. Contact Details: Email:; Website:
SABINA SOLOMON, MUMBAI: n is a Certified Holistic Health Coach with RachnaRestores. Sabina has worn many hats. Having worked for nearly twenty years in the high stress advertising and communication industry, she gave that up to pursue a degree in law at 45 and plunged into yet another high stress stint as a lawyer. It is only when she got a health scare two years ago that she changed directions and decided to pursue a long held dream of becoming a potter. Her health scare  launched her into the holistic health orbit and that’s how she came to RachnaRestores and she can advise on arthritis. Sabina finds pottery very therapeutic and has a studio at Vile Parle West. You can reach her at or phone her at 9820080456.
Dr.SHAGUFTA LOKHANDEY (BHMS), MUMBAI: Shagufta is a Certified Homeopathic consultant and certified holistic health coach, and autoimmune health coach. She treats all kinds of Human Diseases through Homeopathic Medicines with 8 years of experience delivering patient care excellence. Dr.Shagufta is Experienced in counseling patients in preventative care and positive lifestyle changes with a scientific approach and with great efficiency. Dr. Shagufta Further believes that one should keep on updating their knowledge and learning irrespective of age. Dr. Shagufta is currently pursuing Cancer holistic healing.
ALISON  PINTO, MUMBAI: is a certified Holistic Health and Cancer coach with RachnaRestores. From a very young age Alison felt a ‘calling’ to reach out to people with healing. Over the years, life led her in search of answers to help heal herself and her loved ones. Her own wellness journey was born out of seeking answers to heal her own health issues. Learning to cope with the related complications has given her strength to draw upon, and reaffirmed her original calling to help others heal physically, mentally and emotionally. There is power in the ability of the body to heal itself naturally, given the right support in nutritional, lifestyle and environmental habits. She not only focuses on the diagnosis, but also recognizes the power of the environment around the patient, both mental as well as physical. While most chronic illness begin with poor choices in diet and lifestyle, the emotional aspect is often overlooked, which is a key factor in holistic health. Deeply inspired by Rachna, she studied with her to become a certified wholistic and cancer healer in order to reach out and empower clients so desperately in need of help and compassionate insight on their health and wellbeing. By being a part of the RachnaRestores team, and the calling to heal the world together, she wants to help as many people as she can by raising an awareness about this alternate path to holistic healing that is available for almost any disease, that regrettably, even now many are unaware of. Alison is an internationally recognised Artist and Art Educator by profession. She’s affiliated with known International watercolor organizations and brands. Her work in art has won awards, been published and is recognized internationally. She’s exhibited by jury selection in over 15 countries all over the world. Email:   ~   Phone: +91-9867770878   ~   Instagram: @alisonpintoart
JETANDER KAUR, MUMBAI: Jetander as she is fondly called Jeet lives in Mumbai. She is M.Sc, M.phil, B.Ed and has a good mix of scientific temper and creative talent. She has followed holistic health principles all through her life, including diet and nutrition. Her journey to understand the connection between mind and body started when she was going through a very stressful period of life, when she was diagnosed with endometriosis and had to undergo a hysterectomy at the age of 42. Post hysterectomy, she has had to deal with seronegative reactive arthritis in her back and knee.  She tried all the regular allopathic treatments but to no avail. That is what inspired her journey of healing her self through alternative therapies. Her idea was to learn, become a practitioner of these therapies and heal herself and others. This was the ‘Aha’ moment for Jeet. She had found her purpose, as she healed people of all ages from a 15 year old girl to 70 years old man. She noticed that she was missing one piece of the puzzle which is ‘Can food heal?’ That is when she came to know of Rachna Chhachhi and signed up for ‘Health Coach’ . The journey to becoming a health coach has been transformational and today she provides holistic health solutions through Diet Consultations Facial Reflexology Acupressure & Sujok Therapy. She is driven by one and only mission to create an elixir of wellness and her company ‘Wellixir’ symbolises her mission in her journey towards blazing a trail in wellness and holistic healing. Contact details Jetander Kaur 9757399931 or