CAMELLIA DAS, KOLKATA: Camellia wears many hats. She is a seasoned IT Consultant by profession and at the same time a Certified Holistic Healer too. Her family consists of her mother, sister, an amazing set of her in laws and her biggest support as her husband. Painting is her hobby – She wants to fill the palette of life with all possible colours one can imagine. It is excruciating & debilitating when any autoimmune disorder hits you & turns your world upside down. Camellia was unfortunately one of them but lucky enough to have the privilege to resurrect her life with an Angel like Rachna. It is only when she came out of her 5 year long ordeal unscathed, the realisation dawned upon her that all these trails & tribulations are only means to set her up for giving it back to the society. But how to ensure that? When there is a will it gives birth to “CamelliaCares”, with an urge to be a “Change Agent” & make this planet a better place to live in. Wondering how all this is done!! Well, it’s all holistic! She nurtures you by incorporating only health in your life, reducing pain and fatigue and adieu good bye to all the toxic medications. So, what is stopping you – Gear up and contact her for consultation on any sort of lifestyle disorders – High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Weight Reduction, Auto-immune Disorders, Diabetes to name a few! Look no further – A life-transforming experience awaits… Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 9038148953
HARSHITA MODY, KOLKATA: Harshita is a certified Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores. She is a certified Nutritionist with a Masters in Food and Nutrition. Right from childhood, she has never been keen on popping pills for any ailment. Her major focus has always been on treating herself and others around her using natural alternatives and by bringing changes to lifestyle. This zest of adopting natural management for any illness made her accomplish a Diploma in Natural Therapies. Apart from this, the science behind using hands and feet for curing diseases intrigued her. Hence, she completed level 1 and level 2 of SUJOK therapy under the International Sujok Association and now, is on to pursue a higher level of expertise. She strongly believes that food alone does not help reverse any ailment, but a complete holistic approach stands to be of paramount importance. With her plethora of knowledge and practical experience, she intends to inspire and guide every individual to make the right choices. Other than results, she believes in the process and that consistency is the key to achievement. Positive by spirit and determined in her approach, she will surely be your friend while you are on this journey of health and wellness. Contact Details: Email –; Phone no– 9007628730
PAMPA DEBNATH, KOLKATA: Pampa is acertified Holistic health coach and a certifiedAutoimmune master class coach of RachnaRestores, is an Assistant Professor by profession in an engineering Institute and also an active researcher. Though she is enthusiastic and passionate in her present role, a sudden deterioration of her father’s health due to Rheumatoid Arthritis troubles and shakes her mentally in 2016. At that time, she took the help of Rachna’s Restoration care; which now turned the table by making her father completely stable only through pranayama, healthy eating, changing lifestyle, and mental support from Rachna Restores. This ignites the curiosity of her scientific mind (which is by profession) and learned the root cause of diseases which outwardly looks deadly, and causes both physical pain and mental agony simultaneously. Her husband, who was a chronic patient of Migraines from childhood, also gets cured by adopting the same procedure. This initiates her journey to become a health coach, precisely for chronic diseases and prolonged illnesses. Thank you Rachna ma’am for making her a part of the RachnaRestores community. Any Autoimmune diseases and Lifestyle diseases can be cured through continuous consolation with Prof. Debanth, where patience will play the key role, in addition to pranayama, nutritional supplement, and lifestyle. She is now professionally spending the time to inspire others who are in dire need to get back the earlier healthy life and can contact at Email:  , Phone no. 9874891441