SAMEENA. K, MANNAR, ALAPPUZHA: Sameena is from Kerala and her native place is Tamil Nadu.She speaks English, Malayalam and Tamil. Born and brought up in Kerala, she is a Post Graduate in Computer Science. She quit her software profession 5 years back because of multiple health issues that she was going through.From her childhood she had asthma and other allergies .After that she was diagnosed with hypothyroidism . Everything affected her health so it was very tough for her to reach her PG.During these challenges she was diagnosed with fibromyalgia where her life turned upside down where she felt difficulty even in writing her final exams.She was under Allopathic, Ayurvedic treatments where nothing worked and was exhausted with PCOS diagnosis. She was having a lot of medicines most are H scheduled drugs. In these struggle, she managed to score above 80 percentages in all her studies. So she pushed herself again for her professional life but her body didn’t supported her and her own mother health was worsening day by day. So she decided to take charge of her own health and her family in her hand and started researching and began her healing journey and she healed herself. Then she reversed her mom’s diabetes and helped her to come out from endometriosis where doctor recommended her hysterectomy and she was bed ridden due to osteoarthritis that also healed. And helped her brother to come out from statin. She also helped one of her uncle to clear his blockages in arteries and helped him from bypass surgery. After this she find out her true purpose and felt to do same thing to others through holistic healing. She met Rachna Chhachhi ,she was inspired by her and she felt this is one she was waiting and wanted her coaching and without double thought she did the course. Whatever she achieved is only because of almighty and her family support. Besides this she loves baking, gardening, traveling an and also being part of her family businesses. She will wholeheartedly love to walk with the fear and mess of others love to be part of their healing journey. Her aim is bring happiness, joy and hope in others life and get them inspired to be a warrior. Contact details: Email-; Phone number- 9744735210