AMITA BHUWANIA, NEW DELHI: A Medical Tourism and healthcare specialist by profession, she has her educational background in commerce and finance. Born and brought up in the city beautiful – Chandigarh, Amita dons many hats. With a keen interest in music, Indian art and culture, she is a qualified Kathak dancer (Nritya Visharad), and a national level skater. She was decorated with the President’s girl guides badge too. Known to be an environment crusader & social green influencer, she has been covered by a TV channel, as also been interviewed by a magazine. A regular columnist with the colony newsletter, and adorned by the name “green Goddess”, she has motivated more than 150 households to start home composting and growing organic vegetables in their own kitchen garden. An active participant in keeping her colony gardens more beautiful, planting fruit trees and air purifying plants in public spaces, while also educating others about seed saving and growing techniques. She takes great pride in looking after the health of her family which comprises of her in laws, husband and two grown up adult children. Cooking is a passion with her and vegetarianism a way of life. Living life slowly and at a natural pace is the family’s mantra to staying happily together. Amita is a Certified Holistic Health Coach with RachnaRestores helping people with lifestyle diseases and auto immune disorders. Always keen to learn, she is also training and learning to be a certified Cancer coach. Having lost her mother to cancer more than a decade ago motivated her to hone up her skills, educate and equip herself to help others in their healing journey. A firm believer in prevention of disease and leading a healthy lifestyle, she practices Yoga to keep herself fit. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +919810085065
PARUL JAIN, NEW DELHI: A management graduate turned holistic healer, Parul is committed to promoting overall well- being through yoga, wholesome nutrition and lifestyle changes. She quit a promising corporate career to study different facets of health and healing. A life-long believer in healthy living and driven by her goal to help her family cope with lifestyle related health problems, she trained at RachnaRestores to be a holistic healer and is a Certified Cancer Coach as well. She specialises in healing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, PCOD, obesity, digestive problems, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, and cancer. She has discovered her Ikigai in helping people heal and build a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. Her healing philosophy is grounded in her belief of unification of mind, body and spirit, and the role of inner strength in the journey of transformation. She believes in fighting life’s challenges head-on with a smile and with the guidance of Rachna, she is currently helping her mother fight grade lV lung cancer with nutrition and lifestyle improvements. The whole healing revolves around physical, spiritual and emotional nutrition. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +919811559043
NEELAM MOHTA, NEW DELHI: Neelam is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores, based in Noida. Neelam is all empathy, an ardent and patient listener, she is all ears all the time for people needing care, help and support. During the early years of her marriage, she had learned Reiki but could only practice within family and close friends, then life happened without Reiki. Fate had something else in Neelam’s destiny, unfortunately her husband was diagnosed with brain tumour. She tried every treatment and every cure that was known, offered and suggested to her. She had travelled widely to get the best treatment and consult with the most renowned specialists in the country.Neelam lost Basant to their battle against cancer about a year ago. After a life altering loss, Neelam refused to be depressed, pulled herself soon enough as she has to raise their daughter Devika all alone. She started to volunteer at and went back to learning and practicing Reiki, back to helping, caring and keeping busy. When her brother in law Sandeep had lifestyle issues, he reached out to the celebrity healer Rachna Chhachhi and it worked wonders for him. Neelam was all intrigued by Rachna’s holistic healing and became a certified healer to reach out to others. She believes with the help and guidance of Rachna and her own experience, she can coach the patient’s with empathy and sincerity. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +919868387001
SANGEETA KUKREJA, NEW DELHI: Sangeeta Kukreja, a Nutritionist and a professional baker from New Delhi, believes in a balanced, rightful, and an unabridged approach towards nourishment and daily lifestyle. She also works with RachnaRestores as a holistic health coach. A Masters degree in Food and Nutrition that equipped her with an in-depth knowledge about this subject coupled with her insightful approach towards disease and prevention has led her to cure many. Her job as a health coach encompasses not only helping people recoup from lifestyle diseases such as Diabetes, Hypertension, obesity, Thyroid imbalance, High Cholesterol, Fatty liver but also enlightening them with the correct knowledge of nutrition. For her the job doesn’t end here, she makes sure that her clients leave as motivated individuals and have in themselves a strong sense of healthy living cultivated, after having consulted her. Being a woman she understands the importance and value of healthy Skin & hair for they’re the two integumentary organs that have a massive impact on a woman’s psychological health. Her strict disbelief in fad diets makes it difficult for certain clients who are in a rush to lose weight to achieve their goal as for her the benefits of remaining healthy and losing weight at a steady pace outweigh the very few benefits of a rapid transformation. Her Clients not only have the advantage of being prescribed Recuperative diets but also Delicious recipes along with cooking & baking ideas. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 98116 11456
SHEFALI BATRA, NEW DELHI: Shefali is a certified Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores. She is also Certified in Naturopathy and Basics of Ayurveda. An accomplished culinaire , Baker and a successful Health ,Wellness and Food blogger, Shefali has been posting educational health related food stories and posts on her Instagram account @hoppingontoes. She has also been conducting holistically healthy food workshops for children and adults for a couple of years helping all create healthy eating habits. Her own Food and Wellness story was born out of health issues and healthy eating is not just a passion but it became a calling for her .Suffering from Sinusitis since childhood , struggling with over weight issues, allergies and more. Shefali reversed all of them in a matter of six months by switching to a healthy natural diet comprising of a lot of raw foods . Self trained as a raw food chef too, her mission is to help others heal, just the way her helped herself physically, mentally and emotionally. Contact Details: Email id- Phone- +91 9971263224
MEHER KHURANA, SOUTH DELHI: Meher is a Certified Holistic Health Coach with RachnaRestores. A Management graduate, she has previously worked at top consulting firms such as McKinsey & KPMG, with her expertise majorly in Healthcare in the Corporate Sector. However, with a passion to empower people to live enriched lives, she found her true calling at RachnaRestores, as she finds immense joy in being able to positively contribute to the lives of all the people she deals with. In addition to all her work experience in Healthcare, she is also a certified Master Reiki Healer attuned to treating the root cause of disease & suffering. Besides, she has also extensively researched Nutrition and Wellness having been associated with Network 21 & Amway, where she understood and applied the directives given by the World Health Organization (WHO). Inspired and constantly motivated by being a part of the proficient team of RachnaRestores that works to heal the world together, she aspires to make her contribution towards making the world a healthier & happier place. Contact details: Email ID-; Phone- +91-742820 9996
SAUDAMINI SHARMA, NOIDA: Saudamini Sharma is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores. She was diagnosed with PCOD in her early twenties. PCOD is a hormonal disorder but it never comes alone. Most often it brings with it a whole gamut of associated disorders like obesity, fatty liver, thyroid issues etc. The seen effects of PCOD are weight gain, facial hair, missed periods. But it’s the unseen ones, low energy levels, mood swings, depression, low self esteem that wreaks havoc. Since her diagnosis she had been undergoing the conventional treatment for PCOD. Then she was diagnosed with spondylitis and with it started her issues of pain. Her mother suffered from RA, and at the back of the mind she knew that she was predisposed to RA. But after dealing with hormonal treatment for PCOD for more than a decade, she didn’t want to take conventional treatment. That’s when she came across Rachna’s treatment and started her healing journey. Now as certified holistic health coach Saudamini wants to help as many people as she can and also raise awareness about this alternate holistic treatment available for most of the lifestyle disorders as even now many people are unaware of it. Contact details: Email-
GAURI TANDON, NOIDA: Gauri Tandon is an educationist and teacher of 20 years who chose to expand her learnings by first becoming a cosmetologist and opening her own salon. And later by becoming a holistic healer with RachnaRestores after helping her daughter battle and recover from an autoimmune illness. Married to an Army officer, healing has always come naturally to Gauri who has mentored and guided the less educated wives of Army jawans during her husband’s tenure as an Army officer around prevention of basic illnesses through basic self discipline and personal hygiene. A dedicated mother and a compassionate person, Gauri believes in her motto of wanting to make people beautiful inside-out and lives by that through her efforts as a cosmetologist and healer. In her free time, Gauri likes to research and apply spirituality and meditation to her own life and in an effort to become a healer in all aspects. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 98996 94141
YAMINI JOSHI, NEW DELHI: Yamini is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores, based in New Delhi. Yamini is passionate about helping people heal from chronic illnesses, providing them with information and insight about health and wellbeing. Her graduation in Psychology from Delhi University provided her with a deeper understanding of human behaviour and the need to focus on mental health alongside physical health. She draws her strength from dealing with her own autoimmune condition and the related complications that she has learned to cope with since her first diagnosis. She then decided to pursue her PgDip in Clinical Music Therapy combining her interest in music and therapy. Wanting to learn more about music therapy her journey led her to the University of Melbourne for a Masters in Music Therapy. In August 2017, Yamini had to return to India after suffering a stroke. She took this in her stride and despite dealing with the complications and side effects of the medication, she went to pursue her MSc in Health Psychology at the University of Hyderabad. She has used her theoretical lectures on health behaviour change to make changes in her own lifestyle by making small but powerful changes to her diet(mostly in terms of nutrition and mindful eating practices), movement and exercise and sleep hygiene which she continues to research on and gain a deeper understanding about. With the theoretical knowledge and her own lifestyle modifications,Yamini is confident that she can help those struggling with their chronic conditions to lead a fuller, happier and more fulfilling life. Improving the quality of life is her primary focus. With the knowledge gained from RachnaRestores and the guidance from the team, she is confident that she will be able to help those that she works with. Contact details: Email – Phone no – 9971771561


SUCHANA PAITNAIK, DELHI: Suchana is a professionally trained teacher who holds a Master’s degree in Sociology and a Bachelor’s degree in Education. Having worked in a reputed public school of Delhi as an educationist for 20 years, she has acquired vast knowledge and expertise in the field of developmental psychology, language acquisition skills, creative thinking and holistic pedagogical practices. Since she has always prioritised excellence in education, both her children graduated from St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University and are now educators in turn. As the First Lady of Delhi Police, Suchana served as the President of Police Families Welfare Society, Delhi Police, for a period of 3 years (2017-2020), during which she worked for the welfare of the families of the less privileged police personnel. She gained immense experience while working assiduously for the holistic development and empowerment of the children, youth and women of Delhi Police families. She launched an initiative promote excellence in sports, PFWS Mission Olympics, wherein the children of underprivileged policemen went on to win laurels at national and international levels in shooting, wrestling, athletics etc. A passionate believer in the mantra “mens sana in corpore sano” – a healthy mind resides in a healthy body – Suchana has organised and presided over several celebrity- led yoga, pranayama, health camps and counselling sessions. She believes that a large part of holistic living and well-being is to set a good personal example, and to that end, she is a Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores. Being a foodie and a great cook, she loves to experiment with healthy recipes, and has never been an advocate of dietary fads, calorie counting and self-medication. She firmly believes that an ethic of consistency, moderation and balance is the key to healthy living. As a certified healer, her aim is to reach out to people who are suffering due to poor lifestyle habits. She hopes to raise awareness on the healing powers of the human body and guide others through natural, safe and holistic methods, so they can lead a healthy and happy life. Contact details: Email id-


KANIKA SETHI, NEW DELHI: A new age mom who is well on her way to mastering the art of multitasking, as she balances between a corporate job as a tax professional, managing her little toddler along with doing household chores. Besides all this, she has also made sure to hone her passion for Healthy living and Holistic wellness. Born and brought up in Delhi, Kanika has always had a creative bent of mind, together with interest in delving into spirituality, wellness and healthcare. A passionate cook, she loves to experiment with healthy recipes and finds great satisfaction in serving her family healthy, home cooked food. She is also a mom blogger who shares her experiences and learnings with others through her posts and engagements. Over the years, taking her mother to numerous hospitals and doctors for her treatment of acute autoimmune disease and availing every cure that was known, offered and suggested to her but seeing not much improvement in the health of her mother, Kanika was constantly looking for better treatment. It was then that she came across RachnaRestores through a close friend. A firm believer of healthy living and driven by her aim to help her own mother cope with acute autoimmune condition, she trained at RachnaRestores. Kanika is now a Certified Holistic Healer with RachnaRestores and is also training to specialise in treating auto immune diseases. She strongly believes that the body has very strong healing powers and the right eating and lifestyle habits can make a great deal of difference. With the knowledge gained from RachnaRestores and the guidance from the team, she is confident that she will be able to help those that she works with. She aims to serve many people and wants to raise awareness about natural and holistic treatment available for most lifestyle diseases. Contact details: Email –; Phone no- 9711587977
PARUL THUKRAL, DELHI: Parul is a late stage cancer warrior. She was diagnosed with Cancer at the age – 27 and at the same time, her mother lost the battle against cancer. She rebuilt herself via holistic healing and lifestyle changes. She first healed herself and then did Rachna’s certification on holistic healing. Now, she is on the path of healing others who have cancer, who are worried about the side effects of conventional treatment and recurrence. She truly believes that lifestyle changes can reverse any disease and also, can prevent you from the diseases caused due to inflammation. She specialises in diseases like cancer, hormonal issues and weight loss. Prior to this, she was working as a chartered accountant in one of the MNCs and is now a holistic health coach. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 99999 25442
SHVETA PUNEET, NEW DELHI: Contact Details: Email id-
JASWANT KAUR, NEW DELHI: Contact Details: Email id-; Phone no- +91 8699771616
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Krittika Rai, Delhi/NCR: Krittika is a Clinical Nutrition Consultant. She holds a Masters Degree in Food Science and Nutrition and a Post Graduate Diploma in Management. She has worked with leading multinational healthcare organisations as a consultant and held a profile of a renal specialist. Her work scope also included conducting specialized seminars in corporates to educate and spread awareness about the innumerable lifestyle diseases and their prevention. She possesses a compassionate and empathetic outlook enabling her to connect with people, a quality that helps her understand the true status of the patient. Having participated in workshops regarding the emerging science of Nutrigenomics, she believes that this transformational technology must be taken advantage of. The comprehensive data it provides about an individual’s nutrition requirements, their food sensitivities- intolerances and other risk factors would make prevention an achievable outcome in maximum cases. Her go-to-words are- We all deserve to feel great…..And We Will…..If we care enough to nurture our Mind, Body And Soul………….!!! Contact Details : Email-
Akshay Satija
AKSHAY SATIA, NEW DELHI: Contact Details: Email:; Phone: 8130101383