V.MEENA, CHENNAI: Meena is a certified holistic health coach from RachnaRestores based in Chennai with a history of working in the health and wellness industry and skilled in community health, holistic health, nutritional counselling, nutrition education, diet planning and meditatioN. After her post- graduation, she worked in a corporate hospital for a year and then joined her family business but always had a passion to learn about nutrition related things, courses and career. She came to know about RachnaRestores while browsing Instagram and instantly fell in love with the way she treats autoimmune, cancer and other lifestyle conditions through holistic approach and wanted to be part of her team. Through this course she came to know the importance of emotional nutrition along with physical nutrition. Holistic nutrition is to facilitate a health recovery plan as well as to build a strong foundation for long term optimum health. After completion of the course she joined RachnaRestores team and started her life as a healer. Her hobbies include gardening, experimenting new recipes. Other educational qualifications include : Post graduation in HomeScience, easing the burden of obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease from university of Sydney, bio- hacking your brain’s health from Emity University [which deals with brain -nutrition, exercise, meditation]. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +919841099557
JAYASHRI RATHEESH BAKER, CHENNAI: Jayashri is a Certified Holistic Health Coach from Chennai; guiding people to live a happier, bolder life that leads to health and abundance, impacting the world. Life took a curve when she heard her father was diagnosed with prostate cancer. According to her, the word C was so scary and stressful that it took a lot of physical and mental toll on her father and the entire family. Looking beyond the conventional treatment and it’s side effects she decided to browse through Internet and got introduced to the nutritional therapist and certified cancer coach, Rachna. Through her wellness programme, she could envisage splurge in energy levels of her Dad and there were reassuring moments as the reports significantly improved the quality of his life. This renewed energy and positive outlook drove her passion to become a wellness mentor and spread this awareness to help people. Now she believes that a support system focused on the specific health of an individual does make a difference in their life and that health coaches are needed in our communities. Her vision is to change the world by empowering the individual with holistic natural health activism, education and coaching and encouraging each to achieve wellness. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 9962497189
SWATI MEHTA, CHENNAI: Swati is a life-long student of her mind and body, who holds a master’s degree in finance, and is a Certified Yoga Teacher from the ‘International Sivananda Yoga Vednanta Center’ and Level 2 QCI Yoga Teacher certified by the Ministry of Ayush, India and Health Coach with RachnaRestores. Swati’s philosophy is grounded in her conviction that everyone can be empowered in a holistic manner through right physical, mental and spiritual nourishment. She is committed to making yoga accessible to the diverse practitioners and help people realise their inner potential through holistic healing. Wellness starts from the physical to the spiritual body from your lesser self to the higher self. Hence, Swati’s belief in nourishing the body with nutritious food, yoga asanas, pranayama and meditation. She believes in slow living and has co-founded Kalaprana which amongst other things provides a tool kit that aids slow living. Yoga and art form the basis of Kalaprana as both pause time to enjoy the precious moments in life. At Kalaprana the emphasis is on pausing, breathing and seeking life in its full flavour. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 8056122795
DEEPALI NICHANI, CHENNAI: You are what you eat is what they essentially say, as with my personal journey to start off- food and mind go hand in hand. Implying that, while changing my whole life step by step. I came with a purpose to help and heal the people on their own path to understand and heal themselves with the correct diet for the body and nourish the mind with a positive lifestyle. With all my experience personally I know the difference one small change can make in our life and for that reason, I am here to pave this journey through and walk along with each one of you that wants to make the change now. Together we will motivate, guide and help each other evolve and make a better life and better earth. Come join us on this journey and discover the healthy lifestyle for yourself. Contact Details: Email-; Phone- +91 8754476424