PRACHI JADWANI, RAIPUR, CHATTISGARH: Prachi is a Certified Holistic Health Coach at RachnaRestores. She work as a Certified Yoga Instructor alongside being a Housewife and a mother of three. Being a Yoga Instructor, Exercising the aasanas and meditating is her favourite thing to do. Making people feel good about themselves gives her the kind of joy that she craves for. She’d like to help her clients not only physically but mentally and emotionally too. Health Is Wealth is her motto for life and she lives by that. In these fast times where people don’t even have a minute to catch their breath, she thinks a Health Coach is a must for them. Let’s not forget that nothing is more important in life than good health. With my knowledge and experience, she aspires to Inspire my each and every client to make the right decision and lead a healthy lifestyle. Prachi believes in using an integrative approach in improving my client’s health and lifestyle. I’ve a passion for helping people in becoming a better version of themselves. In her opinion, Holistic medium not only focuses on improving a person’s physical health but mental and emotional health too. She truly trusts the process and believe that consistency is the key to success. We’re on this journey together. Contact Details: Email-; Phone- 9425277977
VIKRAM SONI, RAIPUR: Vikram Soni is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores. He specialises in restoring the health issues like type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity through holistic approach without any medication.He hails from Raipur and has worked previously as a production engineer in MNC’s. He has been a fitness enthusiast since early childhood but soon after he stepped in production industry, he faced a lot of health issues due to inflexible work hours and toxic environment. So, he decided to switch his job and moved towards the field of education and nutrition. He firmly believes that one’s health is their biggest asset in life and therefore, his sole purpose is to guide people live a healthier, more balanced life using nutrition and lifestyle choices. He is fond of outdoor sports, reading, cooking and keeps himself fit through healthy eating and regular exercise. Apart from being a nutritionist, he also provides an academic/educational services in his town. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +918602135007