MONISHA SHERAWAT, BELLANDUR: Monisha is a certified holistic healer associated with RachnaRestores from past 3 years. She got introduced to Rachna as a patient. She was diagnosed with Endometriosis , and in addition to being overweight she also had thyroid . Monisha had tried multiple options for weight reduction in the past from enrolling herself in a Gym, VLCC and also other dieticians, none of these worked for her. After following Rachna’s health plans, in 8 months Monisha reduced 14 Kgs and also reversed her Thyroid and Endometriosis. She was so inspired by her own results that she undertook the holistic healing program to help people facing similar issues. Today she specialises in reversal of lifestyle diseases like Hormonal issues, Obesity without medication and is successfully treating people across the country. Prior to this she was in IT Industry, having worked in many companies like Hughes, Numerify, Capgemini to name a few. Monisha likes to listen to romantic Hindi songs, she has participated in many car rallies and also likes to trek. Her moto in life is “Success is the sum of small efforts”.She practices Yoga and pranayama daily to keep herself fit. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 96860 44008
JAGRITI CHAHAL BATURA, BANGALORE: Jagriti is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores, based in Bangalore. An enthusiastic sales professional who quit her job due to her autoimmune disorder. She has suffered from Systematic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) since 2015. She was treated for multiple underlying problems like COPD, RA, severe skin burns due to sunlight sensitivity. Post treatment her day to day life was getting affected. It was getting worse day by day. The pain levels had increased so much, that for doing day to day chores she had to take support to walk. Symptomatic fever of 99-100 degrees was her best companion 24/7. Exhausting all means of treatment like allopathic, naturopathic and strong steroid courses. Ultimately doctors wanted her to give treatment used for chemotherapy. Plenquil was supposed to be taken throughout her life. The breaking moment came when she read Rachna’s book “Restore” and had the urge to contact and give a second chance to self. Within few months the improvement was visible. The energy levels were high and the inflammation inside the body started settling. The holistic healing helped her overcome the hurdles of her health. Now determined to make things better for self and help others to overcome their health problems she is now a holistic health coach at RachnaRestores. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 88006 90440
MANASA KIRAN, MAHALAKSHMI LAYOUT: Manasa is a certified holistic health coach at RachnaRestores, based in Bangalore. She has suffered from Rheumatoid arthritis over a period of 3 years. This was an extremely challenging time for her, where normal everyday tasks became really difficult. She tried allopathic treatment, where the doctors told her that the condition is incurable and the only way forward is to be on life-long drugs and live with deteriorating quality of life. She found this hard to swallow so she tried her hand in Ayurvedic and Naturopathic treatment over 2 months which yielded temporary relief from RA. Finally, she found the amazing, beautiful Rachna who was extremely supportive and helped bring her back to a balanced state. She went through the process of holistic healing, which focuses on both physical and mental health. During this phase, her relapse of RA stopped and her quality of life improved significantly. After 2 years of following the holistic treatment, she has recovered from RA. With all these changes she set out on a journey to find out what made her sparkly inside and she found her calling to be a holistic health coach. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +91 96203 41047
RAJSHREE SINGH DEO, BANGALORE: Health is the greatest of all possessions. Being an Ex RA warrior, Rajshree emerged to be strong and sturdy like never before which paved a path of strong belief on holistic nutrition, which helped her in becoming a certified holistic coach at RachnaRestores. The best prescription for life is healthy food, good sleep, yoga , meditation and if needed a little help from supplements .So here goes her story- Mild random pains for some time turned for worse in 2016 .Crest and troughs in life sometime take a toll on you unknowingly and you fall into a circle of inertia of poor lifestyle choice .She tried to correct some of them through yoga which helped to an extent but then in an ill advised move took on a intense program which her body was not prepared for, at that period of life .The result was RA in 2017 and intense pain that goes with it .In a hurried consultation with a reputed Ayurveda centre went through a Panchakarma program which definitely started the journey towards a solution .The next year was mix of highs and lows which were hard to understand and definitely managed to stem the tide without toxic medication that modern medicine prescribes .But the lows after the highs would be very demoralising . Through all that pain something was very clear that she was getting weaker and some thing was missing between the medicines and the incredible food restrictions, something was not right ,but she never lost the underlying spirit that once she found the missing link this will be over .The weakness was aiding the lows as the medicines felt to be counter productive in that state. In that state her husband came across RachnaRestores ,whom he had been following since the time she was diagnosed ! She was deviating from the course of treatment but her husband was adamant and one night he penned a mail to RachnaRestores. We responded in three days with a detailed mail and with a understanding of the situation which defied all the their preconceived notions .It was like rainfall on a parched desert floor .This gave her a ray of hope. Thus began the extraordinary journey of holistic healing with food ,yoga ,supplements and lifestyle choices .The pains and fatigue became dull with time before altogether vanishing and after around 9 months now she is free of medicines and at the verge of complete recovery and RA free ,sometimes forgetting she even had it !! On our suggestion she started her journey as a healer . She owe it to people who need inspiration to fight similar situations in life .Most autoimmune cases can be reversed with right lifestyle choices and guidance and there is no need to live with them. As a healer she understands what a person goes through in her situation and she is willing to extend her hand to all those who need the care that they deserve to have the life that they want .She seeks to bring all her experience in her journey of getting healed to reach out to all those who need her .If she can do it ,you can do it ! Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +919945283394
RAJESHWARI PRABHU, SAHAKARNAGAR: Rajeshwari is a Management postgraduate with an experience in sales and marketing, entertainment media and advertising in IT and other corporate sector. Her expertise includes meticulous observation and presentation skills. She is a fashion designer/ stylist who has worked with many artists, celebrities and also worked with various print and ad campaigns. Being a trained dancer not only has she performed at various occasions but also has taken classes for students professionally. She is a multifaceted woman who believes in connecting with people and immensely enjoys conversation, discussions to learn , understand and coach the nuances of better living. Her interest includes Art, music & reading. After a sabbatical she decided to join RachanaRestores to help and touch as many people towards better living and improved health, free from diseases and chronic ailments. Doing this course and being a part of RachnaRestores has changed her and her family’s perspective towards healthy living. Rachna has helped her to understand the immense benefits of right eating, good health and self-care. She learnt the power of meditation and simple yoga practices through this program. She particularly admires how Rachna takes immense effort in pushing and motivating her coaches towards their goal. Her motto – Think healthy live healthy. Contact details: Email-; Phone no- +919972700788
APARNA FERNANDES, BANGALORE: Aparna had come very close to damaging herself emotionally, physically and mentally. She has had numerous miscarriages, hormonal issues and even came close to being diagnosed with cancer. All of these, factors, especially the cancer scare made her want to take her own health issues seriously. However, as life slowly normalised, Aparna soon forgot about this fear. She witnessed her mother and mother-in-law suffering immensely, due to Type 2 Diabetes, which eventually led to heart ailments, kidney failure and it completely hampered their lifestyles. Running between hospital admissions, emergency rooms and ICU’s really shook her up. She still had the strength mentally to want to change and not be a burden to herself or her loved ones. She had to change as she realised that she was a ticking time bomb. It was at this point that she met Rachna – a complete godsend angel, through whom she looked at life holistically, it brought a lot of changes in a very short amount of time which she thought was impossible. Confidence and quality of life drives her to heal you as today, with Rachna, Aparna feels empowered and blessed. Holistic health is a beautiful way of life, let us not be sorry when we can, instead, reverse and prevent diseases minus the obnoxious hospital bills. Contact Details: Email:; Phone: 9945125277
SALONI BHATIA, BANGALORE: Few years ago ,Saloni’s mom was detected with cancer .She had seen her mom go through a lot of pain and anxiety due to the side effects of her medication and radiation. Saloni was desperate for a way to heal her mom naturally ,that is when she came across RachnaRestores. She followed Rachna on social media and when she read about the Holistic Health Coach Certification, she decided to do it. Seeing your most loved one go through pain is a torture -Saloni wish to spread the word that there is a holistic approach to healing -which first she will be implementing for her thyroid and of course for her mom too. Being an introvert Saloni likes spending time with herself, listening to music and reading -her favourite author is HarukiMurakami. Contact Details: Email-; Phone- +91 9986557700
RUPALI TANEJA, BANGALORE: Contact Details: Email id-; Phone no- +919650307799
FATIMA MIRZA, BANGALORE: Contact Details: Email id-; Phone no- +91 9886061117
Priya Vishal
PRIYA VISHAL, BANGALORE: Contact Details: Email-
SINDHU SHANKER, BANGALORE: Sindhu’s journey into wellness began with her love for a holistic well-being to help herself and people around her. She is a certified health and autoimmune coach. She started her own healing from food intolerances by integrating alternative healing therapies and a changed approach towards nutrition. Such holistic healing led her to work in different fields in life and aid children, adolescents and adults through yoga therapy, counselling, art therapy and acupuncture. She was privileged to work with children and adolescents with different challenges through special education and also be able to take care of their emotional wellness through art therapy and counselling. Education:BSc (Zoology) and MSc (Yoga). Work experience-Worked 10 years in different fields of special education and health and wellness. Contact Details-Ph: +919632360000 | Email id:
NIKHITA DADMI, BANGALORE: is a management graduate by profession. She is an autoimmune warrior and had suffered from psoriasis in the past. She developed this autoimmune condition in her teenage years. Many consultations with doctors and alternative health professionals were futile which only contributed to her disappointment until she met Rachna. Rachna not only healed her condition within 2 months but also helped nikhita to discover the incredible journey of healing others. Rachna’s phenomenal results prompted an inquiry path in the field of Holistic Nutrition. Nikhita is now a certified Holistic Health coach as well as an Autoimmune Expert. As she looks back on life and reflects, she knows she was meant to take on this healing journey. A shout out to all AutoImmune warriors out there. Don’t feel depressed, we have all been through the same journey. Nikhita is here to offer her expertise and support in combating these debilitating conditions because she has been through one herself. Let’s defeat autoimmune together. Let’s thrive and flourish because we are worth it! Email ID:
DEEPA SUKUMARAN, BANGALORE: is Certified in Autoimmune Disease,she is looking forward to extend hands for helping her family and beyond. Everything starts for a reason,and this journey for her towards healing started because of her Mom. Deepa was fascinated with the way Rachna Reversed her parents Cancer condition and she looks forward to help others in a similar manner. Email –