Heart Health

With growing levels of stress, we come across so many individuals who have hypertension, high uric acid, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, fatty liver, obesity, all of which increase the risk for heart disease and sudden heart attacks. Our holistic nutritional treatment helps you reduce the risk factors and clinically bring them back in range. The RR community coaches are trained in helping you customise your healing journey to reverse your health conditions rather than just manage them. The focus is to help you get a higher quality of life with slower ageing, reduced inflammation, freshness and energy.Our heart risk condition programmes include:

  • Reversal of high lipid profile
  • Fatty liver reversal
  • Reversal of hypertension
  • Weight loss
  • Heart rehab post bypass
  • Our specialised heart is conditioned coaches will help you reverse your risks as mentioned above so that you can get a healthier heart and reduce your risk of getting a heart attack.

The details of our Heart Health program are below:

  • Nutrition for heart health: Jagriti Chahal
  • Counselling to reduce stress: Dr Bhavana Gautam
  • Yoga for heart health: Prachi Wasnikar
  • 4 sessions per month:
    • Counselling: 1 session per month
    • Nutrition chart: 1 session per month
    • Restorative yoga for letting go and better sleep: 2 sessions per month
  • Unlimited email-based support with your coaches
  • Minimum period of signup: 3 months
  • Fee: Rs.20,000/USD 300 per month

The details of our Heart Rehab program are below:

  • Holistic Nutrition & Exercises for heart health: Rachna Chhachhi
  • 1 sessions per month
  • Incorporates reduction in stress, heart health, repair and rehabilitation, releasing anxiety and incorporating exercise to benefit recovery
  • Unlimited email-based support
  • Minimum period of signup: 3 months
  • Fee: Rs.20,000/USD 300 per month

To reduce your risk of heart conditions or recover from a bypass or a cardiac arrest, and live a fresher, more positive life and attract goodwill, positivity and good luck, sign up for our anxiety release plan on the link here