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The very fact that you have reached this page means that you are seeking a positive change in your health. Find a coach in your city, country, locality, we are spread across the world! If you can’t find one, you can always fill up our patient case history form and we will direct you to the right coach who has the expertise for helping you seize the quality of your life back!

Our coaches are trained in our holistic nutrition program via our course is internationally accredited. Each coach gets certified and becomes an independent practitioner*, hence becoming a healer to help others. The wonderful aspect about holistic nutrition is that it encompasses and includes both physical and emotional nutrition. You are not just your body, you are your body and mind, your soul and spirit. And all of you are one, so when the repair process from any chronic disease begins, it has to begin at all 4 levels. That is the only way disease reversal can happen and genuine repair at the DNA level can be seen clinically. And this is called epigenetics, the science that changes the response of our genes towards disease. Each one of our coaches is trained in this and will help you beat your diseases, get higher energy, get off medication and get a wonderful quality of life and longevity. You are in great hands, just trust your coach and the miracle of healing will happen!

Rachna Chhachhi
Founder – RachnaRestores
PhD, Holistic Nutrition, Certified Cancer Coach
Certified Yoga Teacher, WHO task force certified in Malnutrition for infants and children

*Coaches practice independently and are not connected to patient case studies provided on this website. All patient case studies provided on this website have been treated by health experts mentioned in the specific case study. By signing up, you agree that holistic nutrition treatment is not a replacement for any emergency medical treatment.