Express Health Plan – Detox

Even if we live at our healthiest, there are always those times during our daily lives that we end up bingeing, feeling bloated, gaining that little bit of extra weight which doesn’t feel good. Our energy levels become low, brain is sluggish and movement is slow. This makes our BMR dip, leading to weight gain. It could be extra work hours, a special birthday, anniversary, a holiday with loved ones or the festive season. And now that you have enjoyed the special occasions to the hilt, it’s time to shed that unhealthy pileup inside yourself. This is the perfect plan for people who need that extra push to shed their bloating, sluggishness and weight gain. In the next 45 days, you will need to stick to exactly what is written in the plan to be able to get the results you seek. Just remember: a compromised input will always lead to a compromised output! And you don’t want that.

So deep dive into snatching back your good health and high energy and feeling light and lean again!

The one-time fee for 45 days is Rs 10,000/USD150. You can pay via bank transfer, Gpay or Paytm or in USD, via PayPal. Details of payment here.

The plan is password protected and you will receive your password once you sign up. The password will remain active for 45 days, so make full use of your plan. Please do make sure that you plan according to this to take full advantage of getting back into good health!

The detox plan is divided into two parts:

  1. The 15 days detox
  2. The 30 days weight loss

You cannot jump to the weight loss till you do not finish with the detox properly. People who stick by the 15 days detox 100% actually end up losing their maximum weight during this time. Since the weight gain was temporary and caused by bloating, the detox helps in reducing the bloating and releasing toxins, hence leading to reduced weight. The 30 days weight loss plan is something you can implement in your daily life on a regular basis as well, if you are disciplined and structured about carrying your food and snacks with you wherever you go.

Remember: This is a 45 days commitment only! After 45 days, there are guidelines given to manage your lifestyle so that the weight does not come back.

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