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I have seen disease close upfront – I suffered from rheumatoid arthritis in 2006, and I was bed ridden, pumped up with toxic medication and still in inhuman pain, with deformities in my hands and feet. I have seen both my parents struggling and then emerging victorious with cancer.

Since 2008, my mission has been to create awareness and heal patients who are struggling with a low quality of life due to limited medical interventions. Holistic healing has surprising benefits at various levels: it improves lives via less physical or emotional pain, side effects of medication, disability, depression due to helplessness in achieving good health or just combatting severe fatigue. As a result, most of my patients and clients across 27 countries have been patients of autoimmune diseases and cancer. Step by step, holistic healing has meant them improving on all parameters with those who followed as prescribed, and finally emerged winners, just like I did and do every day, when I lead my life without rheumatoid arthritis today.

Holistic healing is integrative healing.

t is important to begin with the least invasive therapies and trigger the body’s innate ability to heal, rather than jump into more invasive or suppressive methods, so as to not interfere with the natural healing process.

works in multiple ways, unlike medication or surgery. It starts repair at a biological level, and it doesn’t focus on one body part alone. It heals your mind, body and soul. Like a jigsaw puzzle, all your pieces begin to join back, and bring together a beautiful picture of you, as God meant you to be – healthy, happy and high energy.

Today, with limited time and too many people falling ill, our e-learning platform helps you learn integrative healing therapies. You can use these to heal yourself, your family, loved ones, colleagues and those around you. Make the world a healthier, happier place. Get trained with our certificate programs and change the world, one person at a time. Look around you, someone close to you needs this advise and support because they are struggling with a disease, or depression or pain. Healing them holistically then, gives you the happiness and get the gratitude from them.

Look for the perfect integrative program for yourself on the link below, and sign up for our internationally recognised and registered certificate programs to restore your health, and help your loved ones.

Be the healer.

Integrative healing certifications