Preventive Health Packages

Health CoachPreventive Health should not be high priced. Just stopping a health crisis from happening should be affordable and accessible. So we at RachnaRestores have worked hard to bring you 20–70% off on preventive healthcare by the following packages:

1. Diagnostics: Early detection means better health, longevity and higher quality of life. Every person over the age of 25 years needs to get a preventive health check up done. And if you have any health conditions as you age, blood tests and scans should be cheaper, affordable and easy to access. So we have tied up with SRL Diagnostics across India, Nepal and UAE and they are offering only RR clients and patients heavy discounts so that you can take charge of your health. Fill the form below if you are looking at a preventive health care package after choosing the kind of package you need. Click here for details.

2. 10-Day Shuddha: Our 10 day detox programme cleanses you and helps you attain a mind-body-soul balance which no other detox program can promise. A cleansed gut, a calm mind and changed the response to stress means a healthier, leaner, calmer you, lower inflammation levels and disease activity. Click here to get more details on our 10 day Shuddha Program. Best for those who are looking at getting healthy quickly!

3. Pure Water: Up to 60% of the human adult body is water. The brain and heart are composed of 73% water, the lungs are 83%, the skin 64% water, muscles and kidneys 79%, and even the bones are watery: 31%. Thus, the quality of the water we drink impacts our heart, brain, lungs, gut, circulation of nutrients, skin and immunity. And when the quality of water becomes purer, this impacts our health holistically. We are happy to give a 20% discount on every case of Himalayan Natural Mineral Water. Order this pure water full of minerals and change 60–70% of your body composition by making it pure. Click here for details

4. Organic herbs: For thousands of years, we have had herbs and natural medicines in the form of Ayurveda. In case of any health issues, these have helped us recover and are also preventive in a lot of conditions. Especially for gut issues, chronic fatigue, brain fog and anxiety, which are being faced by millions of people across the world, some specific herbs have been extremely effective. Order your organic and pure herbs at a discount only with us at RR via Organic India. Click here for details