Before you sign up, read this

Dear Fellow Healer,

Thank you so much for holding my hand in this journey to help people reduce suffering due to disease, stress or emotional distress. Through my certification program, you will learn how to help people in reducing their disease activity. Understanding of diseases, understanding of nutrition, understanding exercises, especially the ones that will reduce stress levels, and helping families as a family health coach, or individuals with specific conditions, all of this is covered in my certification program!  Whether you want to start your practice or use this information to help your loved ones, this is valuable information in today’s times.
The wonderful part about this particular batch is that we have added new modules to enrich the course and moved it to a completely online platform which is easy to follow. 
However, please keep the following in mind when you are doing the course:
  • You need to go on the course page, scroll down and fill out the purple form. Remember to note down the username and password that you put in this form because that will be required to log into your course every time you want to study. Link for course page here.
  • You can pay by PayPal or any other way. PayPal is a secure payment platform which allows you to pay via credit, debit cards or bank transfers. It is there to purchase my course as a seamless option for you to begin the course immediately. Many of you will not have an account, that is no problem, you will be directed to PayPal and just have to follow the process with your credit or debit card. It is an absolutely secure platform. It is better if you have or can create a PayPal account and select your currency as Indian rupees. However, if you don’t want to do this, you can just finish filling out the purple form and pay via bank transfer or Paytm. Link for payment details here. International students can pay via PayPal in USD. If you make payment without using PayPal, please send me an email on with the name you have registered in the purple form and reference number of fees transfer. Within 48 hours, you will be enrolled.
  • You have course access for 8 weeks. At your own pace, you can finish the certification program within this time. I have had many people who have completed the certification in 3 days, but you don’t have to hurry. Take your time as the pass marks are very high and you need to know all your content before attempting your quizzes.
  • The pass marks is 80%. This stands for every quiz. Many people have written to me saying that they have passed the other quizzes but they have failed one Quiz, as a certified holistic health coach, you need to have thorough knowledge. Every coach needs to have a thorough understanding of the content in order to empower themselves to heal others. Hence, do not be in a hurry to attempt the quizzes to reach the end because if you get less than 80%, you will fail. You can re-attempt twice but not more. Try not to re-attempt, try to finish your studies and learn everything before you take the exam.
  • Just in case, you can re-sit once. In case you fail, we have option of re-sitting with a resetting fees of ₹5000/USD 75. You can email if that happens.
  • There will be technology glitches. Every online platform has glitches. These are a combination of slow Internet, coding errors, wrong button is pressed or a backend issue. Do not panic. Do not start sending me emails because I’m giving you the solutions right here, you just need to read through these with a calm mind and follow. Just like in life, in technology too, the glitches can be overcome with a calm state of mind. Some of the scenarios are listed below so that you are well prepared to overcome these technology glitches. Remember, don’t panic and start sending me emails, just take a deep breath and read these. These are:
    • You may be shown an error to login. If you are shown “error” “404” or “prohibited” anywhere, just go to your email ID where you would have received a confirmation after filling up the purple form, and click on the link given to sign in. You will be allowed to enter and access your course.
    • You may not be able to go to the next module. If your Internet is slow, this problem can occur. All you have to do is refresh and reload your page and you will be able to move ahead. If it still does not happen, leave it for some time. Revisit your course once your Wi-Fi connectivity is better. It will work, do not panic.  We have tested it. You have time. Eight weeks is a long time.
    • Your videos may not load. The videos work well but require a strong wifi/internet connection to play. Make sure you check your connection. It is an online course after all and a strong internet connection is a prerequisite.
    • You may face unexplained errors. Again, just refreshing and reloading your page or rebooting your laptop or computer will resolve this problem. Most of us are almost constantly glued to our screens because of the lockdown, due to this, a lot of technology glitches are occurring and just rebooting your machine helps resolve these glitches. It is the same for life, if you’re facing an issue, sleep over it, reboot and then look at the problem afresh. You will find a solution!
  • The certification is valid for one year. Changes in holistic nutrition, breakthroughs in nutritional healing are rapidly evolving every single day. In order to stay updated as a practising health coach and in order to keep your international accreditation valid (international accreditation expires annually), every year, you will need to do a refresher course and get a new certificate. The fees for re certification ₹5000/USD 75, which includes your renewal fee for international accreditation and your refresher course which will be additional knowledge provided. Make sure that your certification is valid and your knowledge is up to date, there are people depending upon you to help them overcome their health issues and traumas. Ethically, I believe each one us has this responsibility and we should take it seriously.
Once you have completed your certification, you have to do the following:
  1. Send me a nice picture, professional. This could be taken from your phone in horizontal mode, you looking at the camera reassuringly from your study table, dining table or work table looking like you’re working. This will be for our website. 
  2. Send me your profile. Contact details you would like us to mention on the website as well and a profile of you. Clients and people want to get to know you, so write a paragraph about yourself and why they should get in touch with you.
  3. Join the following. It is important that as a Certified holistic health coach, you are part of our LinkedIn, Facebook group so that when anybody wants to get in touch with you, and they do a background check (believe me, most clients do it!), they see you as a part of a large network of healers spread across the world. This will give them reassurance and confidence and they will trust your healing. This will help your practice grow. Hence, it is absolutely mandatory that you join these groups listed below. –  please join as a team member, RachnaRestores. For this you will have to create a new position, add RachnaRestores as the company and put your title as Certified Holistic Health Coach. (request to join the group to share updates, success journeys and help others).
Follow these:
Once you have sent me your picture, profile, contact details, and joined the above groups, I will be adding you to our website and WhatsApp group so that you can have access to the other healers and also get updates on our quarterly webinars, social media support and other wonderful activities that make this community of healers so special!
Please make sure that you save this  message because you will need it not only during the course but also after you get certified. 
Wishing you all the best in passing your certification course with honours!
Looking forward to welcoming you soon ❤
Rachna Chhachhi