Corporate Healing

Corporate Healing

In these changing times where anxiety, stress and lifestyle habits are linked, the need for holistic wellbeing which addresses employees, employers and organisational culture holistically versus just counselling is extremely high. We at RachnaRestores have conducted and helped organisations and senior management employees in achieving difficult and impossible health targets easily, while the leaders have been working. This has led to a demand in structured programs that can help employees follow their leaders in integrative wellness. And hence, our integrative wellness helps senior management employees become true leaders by becoming role models.

What we offer:

  • A five-step program to address physical and emotional needs of stressed-out employees & employers
  • Special focus on women’s health
  • Emotional and physical well-being specific to life stages
  • Interpersonal healing specific to teams and relationships
  • Restorative health for employees struggling with issues
  • Spiritual well-being

Our specialised corporate team has worked with corporate leaders to understand the changing needs of organisations in caring for employees and demonstrated healing at a mindset level higher physical and emotional wellness of leaders and their teams.

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