Corporate healing team

Dr Bhavana Gautam
Dr Bhavana Gautam, MBBS (MUHS), Master’s in hospital administration (MHA) from TISS, Lifestyle and wellness Consultant, Certified Personal Counsellor, Life Coach and Psychotherapist (REBT). In a career span of 12 years in the healthcare industry, Dr Bhavana has worked with some of the best organisations and People in the healthcare field such as Asian heart Hospital, ICICI Prudential Health Insurance, Apollo Hospital, Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Medimanage Health Services etc.  She has worked as a wellness consultant for corporates like as Citibank, Nielsen, Mahindra and Mahindra, SAS, SVC, and Schools and NGOs as a counsellor and therapist with a focus on emotional and mental wellbeing.
Prachi Wasnikar is a certified Ashtanga Yoga teacher. She received her initial 300-hour yoga teacher training through the Diploma Training offered by the Government of Maharashtra in Mumbai. Prachi turned to yoga 6 years ago as a part of her self love regime. She has been a successful events management professional for 18 years and understands the pressures of corporate life. Her restorative yoga is focused on breathing, exploring movement and stillness, and discovering relationships between body, mind, and soul. She is set on to ‘give back’ by helping organisations and employees find the support and care they need through their yoga practice.
Rachna Chhachhi
Rachna Chhachhi is the founder of RachnaRestores. A PhD in holistic nutrition, certified yoga teacher, certified cancer coach and nutritional therapist, Rachna was in senior management in a large financial services multinational when she herself was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis and had to give up her corporate career because of the debilitation caused by the disease. She change the path of her life by rejecting conventional treatments and healed herself holistically before getting certified and starting RachnaRestores. Her understanding of corporate challenges reflects in her treatment for senior leaders struggling with health issues. She has conducted over 1000 workshops across the world and corporates.
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Gupta is a Quality Management System and Regulatory Systems professional. He has worked towards development, implementation and maintaining of quality systems in pharmaceutical, medical device and in-vitro diagnostic sector of healthcare. His work has resulted in several achievements in different national and multinational healthcare companies. He holds a doctorate in biotechnology from IIT, Roorkee, a PDF from Oxford University and several other certifications. He has published two books, written health articles in news papers and health magazines. He works with Team RR to deliver high quality process driven programs focused on tangible outcomes.
Aradhna Chhachhi
Aradhna Chhachhi a certified holistic nutrition expert and Yin Yoga teacher. She helps women with PCOS and hormonal issues. She channelises the power of hormone balancing nutrients with female energy release via Yin Yoga to restore wellbeing for women by reducing stress levels and guiding on nutrients to reduce PCOS, thyroid and IVF related issues. Aradhna is also a certified French Wine Scholar (FWS) and has conducted training programs for wine restaurants and conducts wine experiences for individuals and groups across India and Europe under her brand TanninbyAradhna.
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