Color Therapy

Ever wondered why, when you walk into someone’s house, you’re overcome by a sense of peace and wellbeing? Ever analysed why you just love to sit in a particular coffee place when there are a million other options?

It’s the energy of that place, dictated by Colour therapy. Now imagine colour therapy combined with disease reversing Nutritional Therapy by Rachna Chhachhi.

Colour therapy is an ancient science, and when you combine it with nutrition and wellness, you get amazing results: your family’s health suddenly begins improving, you begin to do well in your career because you thoughts are clearer, and your energy levels surge. Colour therapy is an important aspect of holistic healing and now, this treatment is showing amazing results for those looking at infusing good health into their daily lives and increasing their energy, health & earnings. How it works is simple:

  • You take our colour therapy test for us to help you heal
  • We do one consultation with you to understand where you are struggling: stress, lack of clarity, projects getting blocked, frequent illnesses, relationship issues or a serious disease.
  • We either give you solutions for these or implement these solutions right in your house without making any structural changes, unlike a Feng Shui, Vaastu or any other remedies. And it’s even more effective than these, because it rebuilds you to take on challenges, without incurring heavy costs on breaking down your home!
  • Within 3 months we transform your home into a healing space where all the positive energies can heal you and fix your nagging issues.
  • Over time, you see the results and prosper, personally, in relationships and professionally!

Options for your personalised healing, listed below:












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