Coach of the Month

Interview with Monisha Sherawat, Hormones Coach with the RR Community, who is Coach of the Month for June 2021! Excerpts:

When you received Meenakshi’s case, how difficult was it?

In October 2020, Meenakshi contacted us for weight gain, irregular periods and low haemoglobin. Her clinical markers like ESR, Vitamin D, Iron and few more were out of range. The biggest challenge for me was to convince Meenakshi about the benefits of the program as she had so many questions! I remember she always used to tell me, “Losing weight has always been a challenge for me and my body never responds to any of the diet plans.”

So I thought, “You’ve come to the right place.”

What were the impediments you faced during the healing journey?

Meenakshi is enjoying her glowing skin, higher energy and higher iron levels after losing 10 kilos with Monisha Sherawat

Meenakshi was a willing participant from the very beginning. Just a couple of times during the 4 months in which we worked together she deviated a bit, where I had to intervene to explain the pros and cons of the plan. Overall, she was very dedicated and committed to the program. When she began the plan her weight was 72 kgs and her periods were irregular. In 4 months she lost 10 kgs and clinical markers also came in range. Vitamin D levels have gone up from 18.79 to 35.86. Hb went up  9.1 to 13 and I did not give her iron supplements! Iron serum – 22 to 43. Iron Transferrin Saturation 6.24 to 15.67, which meant a healthier thyroid. Once the thyroid is healthy, weight stabilises. So I went to the root cause and that was time consuming. I didn’t want to do a superficial weight loss where her weight would come back, I wanted to heal her from the source of her problem. That can be an impediment for patients who don’t understand. But I would rather not take patients who don’t want to heal from within.

What would your advice be to other coaches wanting to achieve these results with their patients?

Our focus as coaches has to be to build trust with our patients and communicate with compassion. Every case is unique and once the patients start seeing the results, they would become willing participants in the engagement. Our success depends on how true and committed we are to each patient and ensure they open up about their fears and thoughts, everything else follows and it becomes easier for us to help them heal. Don’t take short cuts.