Now online: Your daily medical thriller!

I work so seriously and hard all day, and my day begins and ends with healing chronically ill people or those who are battling lifestyle health issues. By the end of my day, I feel exhausted, drained. My work is noble and wonderful, but how do I make it fun? Apart from the wonderful interactions with my patients, going over health reports, making charts, diet plans, … Continue reading Now online: Your daily medical thriller!

Are you looking for me?

This is purely on public demand. For 7 years, I have been healing chronically ill patients via my laptop, with my Skype & emails. God has been kind, so many people have touched my life, enriched me, healed when doctors had given up, and are now friends across the 17 countries I heal. People from Mumbai or those visiting Mumbai have wanted face to face … Continue reading Are you looking for me?

Finally, the government woke up!

The first time I realised that Maggi noodles were bad was when my daughter, then 7, had them and had a severe asthma attack. Slowly, I started observing other kids. The Maggi kids had swollen adenoids, bronchial problems and frequent coughs, colds and flus, just as any kid with a junky diet. But this was not all. Kids who ate healthy all week and indulged … Continue reading Finally, the government woke up!

Veganism cured my hypertension, diabetes, obesity

My quest for health began in 2009. It was a difficult time emotionally and I also faced multiple health issues. I was overweight and on medication for hypertension. Latest blood reports showed me as pre-diabetic and anaemic with many other parameters out of range. In my heart I searched for answers better than what conventional medicine was offering me. I came across many teachers, books … Continue reading Veganism cured my hypertension, diabetes, obesity

Why this website

Over the last 7 years that I have been healing people, they have sought me out and been hungry for information on proven, clinical data ratified by doctors and the medical profession in some part of the world, on how we can get better with lifestyle, food, and exercise changes. While doctors are wonderful for life saving procedures, they are now beginning to unlearn and … Continue reading Why this website

“My mother’s struggle with cancer was a losing one.”

Being raised solely by a single parent, I had no realization of the fact that I once had a father, whom I lost, after which we went through a long period of rough patches and pitfalls. All I knew was this domineering, beautiful, gentle but powerful woman who regarded her office as her bedroom, lifeline as her numerous mobile phones and heart as her children. … Continue reading “My mother’s struggle with cancer was a losing one.”

“The Cure is you.”

  It took me three days to recover. When I woke up, the last three days were a blur, where I remember groaning, tossing and turning in between, and being woken up gently, to eat something. For everyone else around, I was alternating between being up and about and resting, but in my mind, I remember nothing. Thirteen steroid injections jabbed into my bones – … Continue reading “The Cure is you.”