Dr Bhavana Gautam
Dr Bhavana is an MBBS (MUHS), Master’s in hospital administration (MHA) from TISS, Lifestyle and wellness Consultant, Certified Personal Counsellor, Life Coach and Psychotherapist (REBT). In a career span of 12 years in the healthcare industry, Dr Bhavana has worked with some of the best organisations and People in the healthcare field such as Asian heart Hospital, ICICI Prudential Health Insurance, Apollo Hospital, Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Medimanage Health Services etc. Early on during her medical education years she realised that there is so much more to an unwell person than just his disease presentation. There was a whole emotional, mental, social, financial and cultural baggage which contributed to their current health state. It was this passion for simplifying healthcare and expanding the horizon of health management to wellness management that made her give up her position as the COO of a multi-specialty hospital in Mumbai and start her own wellness venture. The philosophy of the venture was to: 1) enable and empower individuals to manage their own wellness. 2) to emphasize to communities and individuals the need for preventive healthcare and promoting a holistic approach to health which goes beyond just treatment of disease conditions. Besides having worked as a wellness consultant for corporates such as Citibank, Nielsen, Mahindra and Mahindra, SAS, SVC, to name a few, Dr Bhavana have also worked closely with Schools and NGOs as a counsellor and therapist where the focus was not just on physical wellness but also on providing emotional and mental wellbeing. She is a life coach and counselling therapist. Young Adult counselling, Adolescent and Family counselling, Caregiver Counselling are her core competencies. With a background in medicine, healthcare and social sciences, her approach to counselling therapy is multi-pronged. Contact Details ; Email : bhavanagautam@gmail.com; Phone : +91 99201 40994

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