Become a professor!

Grows your health business with us!

On March 1st, we start with this exciting opportunity exclusively for our healers to join hands, become partners in creating learning content and courses and earning from these courses.

There are so many benefits of become becoming a health content creator. You get a global platform, increase your earnings and you are seen as an expert in your field. Listed below are some of the benefits for those of you who are looking at increasing your earnings and becoming recognised as a health expert in your own area.

What do you gain from this opportunity?

  1. Create your very own course!
  2. Share your expertise with the world
  3. Grow your personal brand
  4. Create your own parallel income source
  5. Get an internationally accredited platform
  6. Complete backend and tech support
  7. Complete transparency in the financial arrangement – 70% of the fee goes straight to the you! The remaining 30% is utilised for:
    • Online hosting fee
    • Backend co-ordination team and course formatting teams as per platform requirement
    • Fee for international accreditations and registrations of the college so you can leverage the benefit of being part of an international e-learning platform 

So all healers who are interested in exploring this opportunity further, please fill out the form below so that you can start utilising your knowledge to earn more and get recognised on a global platform!